Build Real Estate Client Loyalty with Book Clubs for Kids

17 October 2012

By Morris Real Estate Marketing Group

Everyone Build Real Estate Client Loyalty with Book Clubs for Kidsagrees that it’s important for kids to become avid readers. Yet, many parents struggle to motivate their children to read books. These days, television, video, and computer games rule.

You can help solve this problem while building real estate client loyalty. How? By starting a kids’ book club.

“But wait a minute,” you might be saying. “I’m busy enough running my real estate business. Where do I find the time to run a book club?”

Actually, a book club is a fairly easy thing to organize and requires surprisingly little time. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Contact Your Real Estate Clients

Send a note to prospects and clients in your Referral & Repeat Marketing database announcing the book club. Tell everyone that it’s free and that it is okay for the kids to invite their friends to participate as well. (This is a great way for new potential clients to get to know you.)

Step 2. Explain the Club

Explain how the book club works. The kids read a book of their choice by a certain deadline. Then, they write a one page book report and submit it to you.

Step 3. Report the Results

Post the best reports on a special page on your website. The kids will be delighted. (“Hey, my report is published on the internet!”)

Step 4. Reward the Winners

Offer a prize for the best report. A $10 gift certificate to a bookstore is ideal.

Step 5. Notify the Community (And Possible Real Estate Clients)

Send a note to editors of local news publications announcing the winners. This is good community content so it is likely to be published.

The time and money you spend on a kids’ book club is minimal. But the results are significant. The parents — your real estate clients and prospects — will thank you.

Takeaway point: A book club is an ideal way to build loyalty with the parents in your Referral & Repeat Marketing database.

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