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08 June 2015

By Morris Real Estate Marketing Group

Social mediaThe importance of building a strong social media presence is widely acknowledged within the marketing and customer service community, and for many, the social network that can drive the most traffic, is Facebook. With 1.39 billion users logging on each month, Facebook is currently the most popular social network (if it were a country, it would be the most popular nation on earth!). As such, it certainly presents some great opportunities for businesses to connect with potential customers.

The beauty of creating a Facebook page for your business is that you can advertise your services and attract a following through simple tasks. Use the following four tips as a guideline, and you’ll be able to drive traffic much more efficiently. Here is how to drive traffic to your real estate Facebook page:

1. Become familiar with link posting

One of the main purposes for a business Facebook page is to get people to use your services. Link posting around your page is a great way to get your audience directed to your website. Posting links to specific pages on your website saves your followers time wasted looking through irrelevant information.

2. Make your audience’s experience a personal one

To fully engage with your audience and keep them coming back, it is always good to be interacting as regularly as possible. Initiate conversations with open-ended questions like, “What is your dream home?”, or creating fun quizzes and questionnaires on your page to get your followers involved. But joining conversations is just as important as starting them: respond to feeds related to your business, and be sure to always replying to your audience’s questions and comments on your Facebook page.

3. Keep your audience interested with visuals

Integrating relevant images, videos and interactive content into your posts regularly keeps your followers entertained and informed. It also solves the issue of breaking up too much text and balances out the seriousness of an article or topic on your page. Posting links with attractive images i.e. beachfront homes will entice your followers to see what else is on offer too.

4. Share content across your platforms

Make use of share plug-ins on both your Facebook page and company website so that your audience can link from one to the other and access information on both easily. Also, try to connect with your other social media pages (i.e. Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest) to fully extend your online reach to a wider audience.

Sharyse Barnes is a Social Media expert from London, who writes on behalf of Colonial Capital PLC

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