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As an established Broker I receive over 80% of my business from referrals but I wanted to heighten my presence in the community where I live, and where I practice real estate. The Community Market Report really made sense to me as my primary vehicle for communicating to those people. I wanted a newsletter that was informative and professional. Morris Real Estate Marketing Group allows me the flexibility to customize my Market Report on a monthly basis with my own ideas, and the managed content matched with my expectation of what a professional newsletter should look like. In the four months since I started using the report, I can attribute 3 transactions directly from the impact of having used the system, and look forward to it building further momentum and contributing to my business going forward! If you are an established Realtor® or a newer Realtor® to the industry, and you’re trying to build and maintain a client base, The Community Marketing System is an excellent system.

Charlie Pace, Broker/Owner Harbourside Realty Ltd.


Learn More About The Community Market Report Direct Mail Newsletter Features

The Community Market Report Features:


Community Market Reports
  • Community section, which can be customized with your personal messages, client success stories, community events or ads from local businesses.
  • Your featured listings and solds.
  • Helpful, original articles for homeowners.
  • Customized masthead.
  • Map showing the area. (They’ll immediately see it’s
    intended for them.)
  • You featured as author of the report.
  • Your picture prominently displayed throughout.
  • Attractive, high-end design and layout.
  • Area specific market statistics.
Community Market Reports

Real estate newsletters for condo owners too!

For condominium properties, our direct mail newsletter for REALTORS®
is customized with articles tailored to the needs and interests of condo owners.
A photo of the property is featured on the front page.

Easily Customize Your Direct Mail Real Estate Newsletter

Customization is simple to do and makes your Community Market Report even more effective.
Few, if any other real estate newsletters, give you this advantage.

Just email us what you want to say and we’ll create all the artwork for you. When you need ideas,
just call our Idea Hotline and speak with a marketing expert who will be happy to help you.

Real Estate Newsletter Customization Ideas:

  • Be their referral source! Homeowners often have difficulty finding reputable home service professionals.
  • Let the residents of your community know they can call you for a recommendation.
  • Contests for kids are easy to run. Parents appreciate your effort. Make it an annual event.
  • Feature ads from local businesses. This is not only a great service to your clients, it’s also a source of revenue
    that can reduce, or even cover, the costs of your Community Marketing System!
  • Run a family book club.
  • Announce a community event.
  • Provide a list of fun things to do in the area.

Want to learn more about The Community Marketing Report direct mail newsletter for REALTORS®? Contact us for a no cost, no obligation initial phone meeting.


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