Real Estate Agent Success: How to Select the Best Goals, and Actually Achieve Them

05 March 2019

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Real Estate Agent Goal Setting TipsFor most Realtors, setting goals isn’t an issue. You likely have a million things that you’d like to accomplish. And that is a problem. If you have too many goals, and not enough time, you are not setting yourself up for success. This is why you must choose the right goals to focus on to ensure your success.

So, how do you choose which goals will be key to your success as a real estate agent? Here are a few pointers:

  1. They must be achievable.
  2. They must move you closer to achieving the real estate career you want.
  3. They must be measurable.

Here are some examples of real estate agent goals that have been tested and proven by top performing real estate agents:

  • Implement a full real estate marketing system. If your marketing isn’t consistently, it’s often because you’re not consistently sending the right information at the right intervals to the right people. If your marketing is sporadic and/or untargeted, it is simply not possible to achieve the best results. The real estate industry’s top performers find, set up, and utilize a real estate marketing system that maximizes lead generation, referrals and conversions.
  • Grow and groom your database. Make sure your CRM is powerful and specific to the real estate industry. If not, this is your first step. Then, separate your hot prospects from your warm leads, if you haven’t already. Finally, consistently add new names to your database, and make sure they are properly categorized.
  • Double your referral business. A thriving referral business is essential for top agents. You should be able to count on consistent referrals instead of just hoping you might get one or two this month. To accomplish this, you must proactively keep in touch with your past clients to ensure you stay top of mind. Real estate agent referrals are rewarded to those who build loyalty among their client base. This may seem like a tall order, but it is actually a breeze with the right referral marketing success system.
  • Make sure your website is focused on lead generation. How many enquiries are you getting from your real estate website? If it’s not enough, don’t worry; there are several quick and simple updates you can do to boost your lead generation activities. Adding lead captures forms, for example, can double leads.

The goals listed above probably seem quite lofty. Double my referral business, you might be thinking. Yeah, right! But this is the perfect example of a goal that is measurable, achievable and will help you achieve the success you want. It is also not as insurmountable as it may at first seem. This is where the Divide & Conquer technique will come in handy. In order to apply the Divide & Conquer technique to goal setting you will need to create a plan, and then assign deadlines. You will also need to put pen to paper (or keyboard to screen). Just be sure to write down your goals. Research shows that if you do this, you will be 33% more likely to achieve the success you’re looking for.

Let’s continue with our example of doubling your referral real estate transactions. First, choose your deadline. Next, write down everything you will need to do to make this goal materialize. For example:

  • Establish and maintain contact with ten B2B sources of referrals – lawyers, builders, interior designers, etc.
  • Find a powerful CRM, and consistently use it.
  • Get back in touch with 20 past clients whom you may have neglected to maintain relationships with.
  • Mail one informative real estate direct mail newsletter per month maintain contact, stay top-of-mind, establish yourself as an information source and build loyalty with existing clients.
  • Create or find and then practice real estate scripts that will enable you to comfortably and effectively request referrals.

Your next step is to divide those activities into specific steps and schedule them into your calendar. That’s where your goal starts to form into a practical action plan. Take the first activity, for example. Dividing that into parts and scheduling them might look like the following:

  • January 2019: Create a list of five potential B2B referral sources.
  • January 2019: Contact two potential referral sources, and invite them for a coffee or a quick meal.
  • January 2019: Input those two referral sources as contacts into your real estate CRM.
  • February 2019: Follow-up with referral sources with whom you have established contact.
  • February 2019: Invite two more referral sources to meet with you.

Create and manage your goals and “divide and conquer” tasks in your real estate CRM using the Tasks and Calendar features. Set reminders within your CRM so that you will not forget to accomplish your task or goal.

When it comes to your success as a real estate agent, set your goals, and create a plan to achieve it by dividing the tasks and conquering them by a set date. Goals are achievable when you create a plan and then stick with it.

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