The End to the “Email Marketing vs. Real Estate Direct Mail” Debate

23 May 2018

By Allan Goldstein

email vs direct mailWhen it comes to staying in touch with prospects and clients, you may have wondered which real estate marketing approach works best:

After all, both are similar in that you’re sending information — a personal message, helpful article, market updates, recent solds, real estate newsletter, etc. — to your contacts. (And, ideally, doing so on a regular basis!)

While both have similarities, there are also significant differences you need to consider. In fact, it would be a mistake to replace one with the other. The evidence shows you’ll get the best results by using both, strategically, within a comprehensive marketing system.

Let’s take a look at direct mail, for example…

Direct mail is unique in that it’s tactile and highly-visible. When your prospect receives a real estate direct mail piece from you — an update, newsletter or postcard — they interact with it physically. They hold it, scan it, read it. If it contains great content, they might even put it on the fridge door!

According to studies by Canada Post and the U.S. Postal Service, 56% of customers trust direct mail more than other types of advertising. A whopping 48% say they will actually save a direct mail piece if it contains valuable information. Even 92% of millennials — who grew up with the internet — say they have made purchasing decisions based on a mailing they received.

So direct mail can play a big role in getting you more referrals, leads and listings.

Here’s another benefit. Compared to email, the direct mail channel isn’t nearly as crowded. Your prospects and clients might receive dozens of email messages each day. Mailings? Maybe one or two that get their attention.

Yet, direct mail isn’t free. That’s why experts suggest you use direct mail only to stay connected with your best prospects, farm your ideal communities, and build loyalty with your most important clients.

What about your other prospects and clients? That’s where email becomes the winning choice.

Over 200 million adults in the U.S. alone use email on a daily basis. Chances are, the overwhelming majority of your prospects and clients do, too. Many people check email multiple times a day. Those in the midst of a buying decision — someone searching for a new home, for example — will often welcome regular emails, containing helpful information, from a real estate professional.

So what does all this mean for your real estate lead-generation efforts?

It means that direct mail and email are a powerful combination that can significantly boost your business. Use both within a smart real estate marketing system.

Debate over!


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