Blogging for More Real Estate Leads: 5 Tips for Success

16 October 2018

By Darcia

Real Estate Blog TipsBuyers and sellers are often hungry for good information. They scour the internet for tips, advice and ideas that will help them achieve their real estate goals, which can be anything from getting top dollar for their property to finding their next dream home.

Wouldn’t it be great if they got some of that information from your agent website?

That’s the advantage of having an active blog featuring high-quality articles and other posts. It can attract new prospects like a magnet.

Here are some ideas for making your real estate agent blog a winner.

1. Focus on quality.

Would you subscribe to a magazine that had poorly written articles of little value? Of course you wouldn’t. The same holds true for your blog. You want your posts to be well-written and valuable to your targeted buyers and sellers. That doesn’t mean you need to be Hemmingway. Just make sure your posts are clear, conversational, and contain great information.

Blog quality also plays a big role in your real estate SEO. Google is on record for loving, and rewarding, great content.


2. Leverage social media

Nowhere else does information get shared more readily than on Facebook and Twitter. So be sure to regularly share your blog articles on those social media networks and include a link back to your blog. Not only can this help build relationships with current clients and prospects, it can also get new prospects to find out about you and visit your agent website.

Think of social media as an extension of your blogging.

3. Capture the leads.

Blogging attracts new prospects to your website. You’ll want to capture those leads so you can follow up. Otherwise, those leads may be lost forever.

An ideal way to do that is with a “Sign Up for Updates” web form, preferably one that captures the prospect’s information and automatically puts it into your real estate CRM system.

4. Publish regularly.

Just about every study on blogging confirms that publishing regularly is a key to success. That doesn’t mean you have to post something every day. (Although you can if you want to!) For real estate agents, the ideal frequency is a minimum of twice a month.

This isn’t as difficult as you might think. For example, in a given month, you can post a couple of helpful articles, one or two new listing updates, and a personal message to your prospects and clients. That’s five posts.

5. Make it easy.

Creating original content on your own can be a lot of work. If you want to save time and really make your blog a winner, find a comprehensive real estate marketing system that includes professionally-written blog articles and social media posts you can use. That will really bring your blog to life!

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