10 tips to help you get more real estate leads and sales from LinkedIn

28 November 2019

By Darcia

If you have business professionals in your target market (and what real estate agent doesn’t?), you might not be shocked to learn that 50% of them on are actively on LinkedIn. That number, however, is rapidly increasing. In the time it took to read these couple of sentences, twelve new professionals will have joined the LinkedIn network. That’s right, two professionals join Linked in every second!

So, the obvious question is, are you on LinkedIn?

If so, are you leveraging your account to the fullest in order to boost your real estate leads, referrals and sales? As part of your real estate social media marketing strategy, LinkedIn can be a goldmine of leads – if you know how to maximize your presence.

Here are 10 tips to help you get more real estate leads and sales from LinkedIn.

  1. Use your profile wisely Your profile cannot only prompt likeminded industry professionals, clients and potential clients to connect with you, it can also assist in getting your name at the top of the LinkedIn searches. Of course, you shouldn’t go overboard and stuff your profile with keywords to the point that it no longer makes sense to readers. Instead, be strategic. Make sure to put a couple of strong keywords in your profile – one in the title and two or three in the summary sections.
  2. Make your headline compelling Just as with a listing or any other marketing material, it’s imperative that you write a compelling real estate headline.  The headline, which is located under your name on your LinkedIn profile page, requires some thought. If you were about to buy or sell your home, and needed a top-notch real estate agent, what would motivate you to send a message or pick up the phone? Also, make sure your headline is not just interesting but also specific to what you do.
  3. Put thought into the About section Just like choosing keywords for your profile, specificity is key. Mention the geographic area you farm, who you help, and what your specialties are. Highlight your accomplishments. For example, Top real estate agent in Forest Hills for over 12 years.
  4. Connect with the right people Don’t just focus your attention on prospects. Connect with clients, past clients, business owners who can refer your services, real estate agents who can refer you and potential mentors or people who actively post information that is valuable to you. Widen your scope for maximum exposure and professional opportunities. When you are making connection requests, avoid using LinkedIn’s prewritten script. Ditch their generic message and replace it with your own personal note that reminds them where you met or clearly lets them know that there is an opportunity for a mutually beneficial professional relationship. Research has proven that you will get double the connections with personal messages vs. generic.
  5. Don’t hesitate to request recommendations LinkedIn testimonials are a great asset to real estate agents, because readers trust that the reviews are genuine. If you know someone is happy with the service you provided them, ask for a referral. And don’t hesitate to give referrals as well. The recipient of your referral will appreciate it and it shows that you are a thoughtful person who takes time out of your day to acknowledge others.
  6. Join Groups Of course, you would like to join groups that can help your professional development – groups that are made up of your peers and industry leaders. Also, look for groups with members that can give you real estate agent referrals, like business owners and groups within your geographic farm.
  7. Add thoughtful comments Don’t simply comment on content for the sake of commenting. It is important to maintain regular contact, but this can backfire if you simply write “great article” over and over again. The original poster will catch on quickly that you’re not actually reading their “great articles.” Instead, take a few moments to write a thoughtful response.
  8. Post relevant content regularly Post a variety of information that your prospects and clients will find useful, not just your listings and sold. You can mix it up with links to articles, short posts or tips and longer blog content. Morris Real Estate Marketing Group can help with pre-written real estate blog and social media content.
  9. Upload videos Research has proven that videos are a superior media platform, if your goal is to earn high levels of engagement. In fact, videos garner five times more comments than traditional posts.
  10. Take advantage of the InMail feature Here is an incredible fact: LinkedIn messaging gets a 30 times higher open rate than tradition email platforms. Unfortunately, your account level determines how often you can utilize it monthly. A good rule of thumb is to use it strategically – like using InMail to reach those prospects you’ve been having difficulty touching base with through other means.

If you want to stay top of mind with prospects (especially long-term prospects), past clients and other people who are in the position to refer you, it’s imperative that you consistently keep in touch and provide content that is useful and relevant. This is the key to generating real estate leads and referrals. LinkedIn is a great addition to your overall Real Estate Marketing Success System.

We hope you enjoyed these ten tips, and don’t forget to like Morris Real Estate Marketing Group on LinkedIn!

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