Realtors: Do You Need Real Estate Specific Marketing Tools?

12 February 2019

By Darcia

Say you have clients who are planning a kitchen renovation. They basically have three choices.

Choice one, they could put the project together piece-meal. For example, buy the materials themselves, find a carpenter, hire a plumber, oversee everything, etc.

That’s a lot of work.

Choice two, they could hire a Jack-of-all-trades contractor to do everything. However, that person, being a generalist, may not have much experience with the intricacies of kitchen renovations.

Not good.

Choice three, of course, is to hire a specialist — someone who focuses on kitchen renovations and really, really knows what they’re doing. That way, your clients can sit back and feel confident that they’ll end up with the kitchen of their dreams.

Probably the best choice.

Okay. So what does all this have to do with real estate marketing and getting more real estate agent leads and referrals?

When it comes to marketing and your real estate agent career, you essentially have the same three choices.

You could try to put it all together yourself. For example, you could sign up for a real estate newsletter, find an email marketing service, write your own blog and social media posts, and do everything else required to stitch together the semblance of a marketing program.

But do you have time for all that?

Probably not. So, what’s likely to happen is your marketing slides off your list of priorities during busy times — and, as a consequence, you lose opportunities for leads and real estate referrals. Ouch.

A slightly better approach is to sign up for some generic marketing program that promises to boost your lead-generation and referrals. However, being generic, these services may know very little, if anything, about real estate marketing in general and how to reach your specific target market in a meaningful way with relevant and compelling information. Just because a company knows a little something about how to market to accountants, consultants, and dentists doesn’t mean they understand how to grow your real estate business.

And think about it. Do you really want to use a company that merely knows “a little something” to be your go-to resource on how to get you more real estate leads and referrals?

Probably not.

Real Estate Marketing ToolsSo what’s the best approach? It’s to use marketing systems focused exclusively on real estate. Ideally, those that automate the majority of the marketing tasks for you and are created and supported by professionals who know real estate marketing, inside and out.

As with hiring an experienced kitchen renovator, using real estate marketing systems that are specifically designed to grow your business will give you the confidence in knowing your marketing is firing on all cylinders and getting results.

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