Real Estate Agents: Do you offer an annual check-up?

18 March 2015

By Morris Real Estate Marketing Group

家 診断Real Estate Agents, offering an annual check-up to your best clients is a great way to build loyalty. It demonstrates that you’re committed to adding value between transactions. It is also a great reason to pick-up the phone and contact past clients while it can help you get up-to-date with them.

After all, they may be thinking of making a move, or know a friend or neighbour who is looking for a REALTOR®. A check-up is an ideal way to find out.

What’s an annual homeowner check-up?

Typically, it involves meeting with a past client to give them an update on the current market value of their home, and information on the local real estate market. Often clients will have questions such as:

  • If we were to sell our home today, how much would we get for it?
  • What homes are on the market now that might interest us?
  • We’re thinking of renovating the [fill in the blank]. How much would that add to the selling price of our home?
  • What are the trends? Is the local housing market going up or down?

An annual check-up in fact is not unusual. Other business professionals such as insurance agents, financial planners, and other “home professionals” do it all the time.

So should real estate agents.

And this month is, perhaps, the best time of year to start contacting your best clients and offering to stop by.

Home-owners are thinking about their properties right now – doing “spring cleaning”, making repairs, planning renovations and, in some cases, considering making a move.

Takeaway Point: An annual check-up takes a little time out of your week. But keep in mind that the investment you make in building loyalty today pays off in more Repeat business and Referrals for you in the future. So, strike while the iron’s hot!

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