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The Real Estate Golden Rule

Don't Forget The Golden RuleWhat’s the real estate golden rule? It’s a really simple rule: treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself.

What if your clients knew that you could steer them in the right direction when their air conditioner goes on the blink, their roof springs a leak, or they are ready to make their new house a home? The ability to provide those kinds of resources is powerful. So if you really want to grow your base of business, move beyond your own wealth and your own networks, research and create a list of ten trusted service provider resources centered around the home that you can easily share with your customers.

Start out by thinking of all the professionals who can service and benefit the homeowner, their families, and all the other consumers you come into contact with each and every day. As you make your way through your real estate career, you’ll have an opportunity to come in contact with and even share referrals with a wide spectrum of business professionals. If you’re wise, you’ll create a powerful list of these trusted people that you can then refer to your clients. Your referral list will not only include other real estate professionals, but also mortgage lenders, attorneys, landscapers, roofers, electricians, handymen, plumbers, painters, and the list goes on.

There is so much incredible synergy to be found in mutually beneficial relationships that they are well worth all of the time, effort, and energy you can put into them.

In other words, never ignore the value of your friends in the service industry and always continue to establish and build relationships with them. These contacts have a book of business that ranges anywhere from ten to potentially thousands of people, so just imagine the possibilities if you start referring business to them and they do they do the same for you.

The real estate golden rule is to treat others with respect both in your business, as well as in your life, to be kind, professional and pro-active. Start by reaching out to trusted contacts, and create referral relationships. Morris Real Estate Marketing Group offers The Referral Marketing System that can help you generate and manage these referrals on an on-going basis. When you reach trusted service providers ask them to describe their ideal customer, so you can send appropriate referrals their way. Do the same for your customers who have a businesses that would benefit from your network.

Take away point: Creating mutually beneficial referral relationships takes time and effort. Start with the real estate golden rule – and you’re at least half-way there!

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Goal Up for the Second Half of the Year

Reaching the Goal!As we sprint into the second half of the year, it is important that agents take the time to ask themselves these three questions:

  1. Do you have achievable goals?
  2. Do you know where you stand relative to those goals?
  3. What systems and tools are you going to put in place to make sure you’ve accomplished your goals, and maybe even exceed them, by December 31st?

As Ben Feldman said, “Goals aren’t enough. You need goals plus deadlines. Goals big enough to get excited about and a deadline to make you run.” Unfortunately, for too many real estate agents, the process of setting a goal and tracking progress against that goal starts, and finishes, in the month of January.

So how do you know whether you are on track?

Its simple you need to ‘Goal up for the Second half of the year’.

To achieve your goals, you need to tend to them at least monthly, and ideally weekly. Moreover, you need to know your numbers and break them down into items you can manage and attend to each and every week. More specifically:

1. How many listings and sales do you need each month and week in order to realize the success you want to create?

2. How many leads, conversations, and face-to-face appointments do you need to get those listings and sales?

3. Where could your skills and training be improved in order to make your success ratio even stronger?

Take away Point: Real Estate professionals who achieve their personal and professional goals don’t get there by accident. They get there by systematically and strategically working their business and marketing plans around those goals. If you are ready to take the second half of the year by storm but need a little assistance crystallizing your goals and the plans you need to establish to meet those goals – message us today for a free strategy session and we will help you reach your goals.

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Life’s Too Short to Be a One-Person Show

Coaching word cloud concept. Vector illustrationVery few, if any real estate agents, or successful people in general for that matter, found their way to the top all by themselves.  They knew that a key ingredient to success was to surround themselves with people they could learn from, who would become their mentors or coaches, and with whom they could network and discuss business. Ultimately success becomes much easier and much less stressful through teamwork and collaboration.

As Henry Ford famously said: If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”.

So, how can you go about becoming a successful real estate professional?

Start by getting a strong mentor.  Look around your office or in your market and find the real estate agents and brokers who lead by example, are quick to share their knowledge, and who have the kind of business acumen you’d like to learn.  Then, don’t be afraid to come right out and ask them to mentor you.  Not everyone will agree – but the agents with integrity, character, and true passion for this business will be honoured.  They’ll be able to show you what they’ve done right and let you pattern their skills, and they’ll also show you the mistakes they’ve made along the way, so you don’t waste time repeating and learning from the same actions.

Then, don’t forget to give back. As you learn, grow, and build your own business and success, and have now become a seasoned real estate professional be sure to reach out to newer agents who might benefit from having you as a mentor.  The connection between mentors and protégés is very powerful, as they both learn from, and teach each other, so don’t be afraid to show someone newer the ropes and help them become successful.

Take away Point: Ultimately success becomes much easier and much less stressful through mentorship, collaboration, and teamwork. Besides, life’s too short to be a one-person show.

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Advice from a Real Estate Pro: One-A-Day

adding to real estate contactsFor this week’s post we are sharing a blog originally published by our sister company, IXACT Contact, offering great advice from a real estate pro.  

I’m always after you to… “Add one new name every day to your database.” I’m talking about people you can follow up with in the future for referrals (or even direct business in the months to come). Two questions come from this recommendation… Where do I find them? & What do I say?

WHERE? In your day-to-day prospecting there are bound to be one or two individuals with whom you “hit it off”. It doesn’t mean that they are moving, it just means that you have a nice pleasant conversation. Add them to your IXACT Database right away – you never know where your next referral will come from.

WHAT TO SAY? Here’s the closing line that I used hundreds of times. Very effective and very conversational…

“It’s been great speaking with you Mr./Mrs. Prospect… it’s obvious to me that you certainly know the area well/are not moving in the next little while/really enjoy living there. Just so you know, periodically I send out information on the area to keep people up-to-date on how their investment is doing… meaning your home. I don’t mind adding you to the group of people I keep informed… I’d be glad to do that for you – what’s the best e-mail address for me to use?”

Conclusion: there is one more question to consider… why do I want to build up my list? Simply put, by staying in touch with this group of people on an ongoing basis you will build the all-important relationship thatgenerates an incredible number of referrals. The first part is to build the list, the second part is to stay in touch – a minimum of every 90 days is the best approach.

Simply add them to use your IXACT reminder system to trigger your next point of contact. Whether it be face-to-face, over the phone, e-mail, surface mailer, etc. make sure it’s in your system so you don’t have to think about it. It just pops up when you need it.   NO Excuses.

Leave a comment below, what’s your favorite way for staying in touch with your IXACT Contact Database?

Bruce Keith is a leading motivational speaker and trainer, specializing in real estate sales. He has been a top Coach, helping thousands of Salespeople for over 15 years. Check out his Coaching Programs and his new membership program, the “Real Estate Insiders Club.”

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