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What a Real Estate Marketing System Should Do for You

real estate marketing systemHave you been looking for an ideal real estate marketing system? If so, you’ve probably noticed that they all come with a specific range of features. Some, of course, have more and better features than others. That’s why it’s important to make sure the system you choose can do everything you need it to do to grow your business.

So, what exactly do you need your real estate marketing system to do? Here are a few suggestions.

  • You need your system to effectively and consistently keep in touch with your past clients, hot prospects, and targeted communities. Ideally, once a month. That way you can build trust and loyalty — and maximize real estate agent referrals.
  •  You need your system to feature high-value content. Writing in the Globe and Mail, author Noah Flemming points out that the most successful businesses “engage customers as often and possible” with communication that is “relevant, authentic, and valuable.” For real estate agents, that means original, high-quality blog posts, newsletter articles, tips and updates.
  •  You need your system to utilize all communication channels. If a marketing system relies on just one method of reaching clients and prospects — for example, just an email newsletter — then many clients and prospects will be missed. And many opportunities for leads and referrals, lost. That’s why an effective marketing system must fire on all cylinders, leveraging social media, email marketing and especially real estate direct mail, in addition to your own occasional calls and visits.
  •  You need your system to be automated and “done for you”. There’s no sense in getting a system where you have to write the blog posts or manage a myriad of other marketing tasks. As much as possible, your real estate marketing system should do all the heavy lifting for you — especially the content writing.
  •  Your system needs to make managing your contacts and business easy. Managing your contact database — names, addresses, communications, opportunities, etc. — is at the core of marketing success. However, this can quickly become a disorganized, messy and incredibly time-consuming chore if you don’t have a comprehensive, easy-to-use real estate CRM. So you definitely want your real estate marketing system to include that.

2016_RMS_Web_Home-3There may be other things you want your marketing system to do as well. For example, prompt you to call a client on a scheduled date to do an annual review. The important takeaway here is to make sure you choose a system that does everything you need it to do to in order to build the referral-based business you want.

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5 Things Every Realtor Must Know about Direct Mail for Real Estate

Direct Mail for Real EstateOn the Morris Marketing Real Estate Marketing Group Blog last month, we covered the topic of Email vs. Direct Mail. Today we’re diving even deeper into Direct Mail newletters (geographic farming) with:

5 Things Every Realtor Must Know about Direct Mail Newsletters for Real Estate

1. Direct Mail is popular across all generations

Stats show that 73% of consumers prefer direct mail over other advertising methods. And 92% of young adults prefer direct mail and that have utilized direct mail when making purchasing decisions.

2. Direct mail pays off

On average, business earn $2,095 for every $167 they spend on direct mail advertising. Now that is a serious ROI.

3. People trust direct mail

56% of customers say they find direct mail more believable than most other forms of advertising.

4. Direct mail is personal

70% of consumers feel that direct mail is more personal than online advertising. Next to an in-person visit or phone call, you cannot beat direct mail – especially when it provides strategic copy and personalization.

5. People read and enjoy direct mail

 Here are some interesting stats:

  • 98% of consumers bring direct mail into they’re home the day it’s delivered!
  • 77% will sort through their mail immediately.
  • They will spend an average of 30 minutes reading their mail.
  • 48% will keep their direct mail for future reference
  • Mail is most often kept in a spot where everyone in the household can see it.

Of course, the most effective direct mail for real estate agents is not only professionally designed but also highly customized for your prospect. This includes information and articles that are useful and interesting for your target market (such as market statistics for the area), as well as personalization (such as Dear Allision). This, as well as a comprehensive follow-up strategy will set you apart and elevate you from the crowd. Read more about: successful geographic farming with our industry leading community marketing system.

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Selling Renter Occupied Property: How to Reduce Stress, Declutter and Maximize ROI

Selling with tenantsThere’s no doubt that selling renter occupied property can be a nightmare – for the sellers AND the renters, not to mention the real estate agent.

After all, consider the renter’s perspective. First, finding another place to live can be stressful, especially if they had no intention of leaving the unit at this time. They will not likely be happy about the cost of moving and they’ll worry about keeping their belongings safe while strangers invade their personal space. Some tenants will feel they have to work extra hard to keep the place presentable while others will simply not care what kind of mess prospective homebuyers’ walk into.

On the owner and Realtor’s side, it can be equally stressful. Coordinating walk throughs and visits with tenants can be difficult, and only they renter know what condition potential buyers will walk into. Clutter, pets, personal items, dirty dishes and new scuffs or damage, for example. As an unfortunate result, the home may be on the market longer than if it wasn’t tenant occupied, and it might even sell for a lower amount.

Of course, it’s almost always ideal to wait for the tenant to vacate before beginning your real estate marketing campaign. Sometimes, however, that’s not a viable option. So, what are some things you can do to minimize the stress and maximize the ROI, if a property must be listed while tenant occupied?

3 Tips to Reduce Stress, Declutter and Maximize ROI When Selling a Renter Occupied Property

1. Turn it into a positive.
List the property as an “income generating” owner occupied unit.
Prepare financials to back this up and have them, as well as the rental lease terms, ready when an investment buyer shows interest. I recently utilized this strategy and an investment buyer purchased sight unseen, relying on the wisdom of his agent.

2. Acknowledge the renters concerns while helping reduce clutter.
Offer to pay for a storage unit so the renter may store their valuables, family heirlooms and artwork. Stress that this will help them stay organized while packing, as they can move boxes to storage as they pack them.

3. Incentivize the renter to work with you.
There are many ways to incentivize the renter, such as:

- Offer to hire a weekly maid service and try to schedule walk-throughs as close to the house cleaning schedule as possible.

- If you want / need to hold an open house, send them away for the weekend! I once offered a tenant free use of my cottage, and they were more than happy to take me up on the offer. The evening before the open house, I used the opportunity to make some minor repairs.

- Offer to hire a dog walker, if they have a dog. If you have showings or walk-throughs, schedule a neigbourhood dogwalker to come by and pick up the dog just before the appointment.

The most important thing to remember is, if you don’t provide incentive for the renter to keep the property clean and clutter-free, they’ll rarely find the motivation on their own. It’s in your best interest to be as warm, communicative and transparent with the tenant as possible. If you have the cooperation of the renter on your side, you are more likely to get the most out of the sale.

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Real Estate Sales Scripts for Canvassing a Neighbourhood

Imagine this scenario…

Real Estate Sale ScriptsYou’ve just closed a deal on one of your listings. You drive over and proudly change the lawn sign to SOLD. You’re hoping that neighbours will see that sign and think of you when they need a real estate agent.

Sure, some neighbours might notice it. You may even get a call or two. However, you’ll easily double your real estate leads if you also canvass the neighbourhood.

It’s simple math. If you canvass the area — and focus on building relationships — more of those homeowners will get to know you. You may also identify some who are moving soon, which gives you the opportunity to further those relationships by staying in touch. (You can do that via calls, visits, real estate email marketing and real estate direct mail.)

For many real estate agents, knocking on doors isn’t particularly fun. But if you approach the task with the right attitude, it becomes a lot easier. So what’s the right attitude? It’s focusing on them, not you.

Here’s an example of a good “relationship-building” real estate sales script for when you’ve had a recent sold:

You: “Hi. I’m John Smith of Smith Real Estate.”

Homeowner: “Hello.”

You: “You might have noticed my name on the SOLD sign around the corner. In fact, I’m the real estate agent who specializes in this neighbourhood and I just wanted to stop by and introduce myself.”

Homeowner: “Nice to meet you.”

You: “One of the services I offer homeowners here is information on properties when they are listed or sold. Is this information you’d be interested in receiving?”

Homeowner: “Maybe. Tell me more.”

At that point, you have a conversation started. Just remember to focus on them and on building the relationship. You can also offer to send them a real estate newsletter, containing high-interest content, specifically designed for prospects.

Here’s is a variation of the opening of that script, for when you help a buyer get into a neighbourhood.

You: “Hi. I’m John Smith of Smith Real Estate.”

Homeowner: “Hello.”

You: “I just helped a family — the Johnson’s — buy the home around the corner. In fact, I’m the real estate agent who specializes in this neighbourhood and I just wanted to stop by and introduce myself.”

When using real estate sales scripts like these, don’t recite them word-for-word. You’re not an actor. Instead, use a script as a guide to having an authentic conversation with the people you meet.

Knocking on doors may seem like an old-fashioned sales technique, but it still works. Especially if you focus on building relationships — rather than immediately going for the lead — and use an effective real estate marketing system to stay-in-touch and build those relationships.

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5 Ways to Be a More Referral-Worthy Real Estate Agent

As most real estate agents know, referrals are the best kind of leads. After all, a referral means that you’ve been recommended by someone — a client, a business, a homeowner in a community you farm. So that lead is already predisposed to want to hire you. It’s yours to lose!

real estate referrals

So how do you get more referrals? One proven way is to improve how “referral-worthy” you are.

Referral-worthy simply means you’re the kind of real estate agent people are eager to recommend. You’re good at what you do, you provide terrific client service (before and after the transaction), you continually add value and — most importantly — you’re remembered.

Here are some tips for boosting your referral-worthy-ness:

 Go the extra mile. Referral-worthy real estate agents pull out all the stops to help their clients sell their home successfully and find their next dream home. In most cases, clients notice. And, as a result, loyalty builds.

  • Ask for feedback. At appropriate times during and after a transaction with a client, ask them how you’re doing. Explain that providing the best client service is important to you and that you’re always looking for ways to improve.
  • Stay in touch. You’ll generate significantly more referrals if you stay in regular contact with past clients, hot prospects, and homeowners in those communities you target. Calls and visits will only take you so far. In addition, you need to send valuable content, such as a direct mail newsletter, that consistently positions you as their trusted agent.
  • Remind them. Numerous studies show that you’ll get more referrals if you simply remind your contacts that you welcome referrals. That can be as simple as occasionally saying, “I build my business on referrals. So, if you’re asked for a real estate agent recommendation, please give them my name. I’d really appreciate your support.”
  • Have the right real estate marketing tools. You can’t become more referral-worthy if you don’t have the right marketing system in place to capture, manage, and build loyalty with your contacts.

Of course, you should also be constantly seeking ways to improve the experience clients have working with you. Even seemingly small things, like how promptly you return client phone calls or how you handle scheduling viewings, can make a difference in how clients and others see you.

When you consider that 42% of homeowners find their real estate agent through a recommendation, it pays to put in the effort to become more referral-worthy. Boosting real estate referrals by just 10% will make a sizable difference in your income.


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