How to handle Resistance during a Listing Presentation

09 September 2015

By Morris Real Estate Marketing Group

How to handle resistance during a listing presentationReal estate agents, you go to a listing presentation and you give it your best, you think you have done a very good job and then something happens, you get a little bit of resistance, not much feedback and a few days later you see the house listed with another agent. Does that sound familiar? Has that happened to you?

What is the best way to handle this type of situation?

Lets’ start from the beginning and walk through a scenario you’ve probably encountered many times during listing presentations:

You’re wrapping up and heading for the close. The husband looks ready – even eager – to give his go-ahead. But, you can tell his wife is resistant. Something is holding her back. In fact, you suspect she may not be entirely sold on you.

Here is how to handle resistance during a listing presentation:

1. Ask specific questions about their Concerns. Find out if the wife has a question or concern that has not yet been addressed. How? Simply ask. Politely say something like, “Samantha, is there anything specific you need to know in order to feel comfortable moving forward with the listing?” In most cases, she’ll open up and tell you her question or concern.

2. Ask if they have any other Concerns. Once you have answered the initial question, don’t hesitate to ask again. Is there anything else holding you back? Perhaps something that I haven’t addressed here today or that you may have heard, read, or seen somewhere else? It is important to get to the bottom of her concerns, perhaps she thinks you don’t have a lot of experience, or the listing price is too low. Whatever the issues or concerns are, it is important that you hear her out and explain why you are the perfect person for the job, or why you suggested a specific listing price.

In addition, take the time once again and:

  • list the experience you have
  • elaborate on your negotiation tactics
  • outline your marketing strategy for selling their house
  • detail the successes that you have under your belt, and
  • provide a quote a quote from a previous client

You want to demonstrate that not only you are the best person for the job, but also you have the best tools in your arsenal to sell their house at the highest price.

3. Ask them if they would like to discuss Privately.  This is a critical point, as you need to decide whether you think the wife needs to talk with her husband about her concerns before bringing them up with you. You may need to give the couple a few minutes of privacy, so you don’t seem pushy and controlling. That’s easy to do. For example, you could say, “Would you like a few minutes to discuss things privately? I’d be happy to step out to my car and make some phone calls while you talk. Is ten minutes enough time?”

4. Follow-up with another Meeting. After you come in from their private conversation, access the situation. Do they still seem interested, have you done a good job at convincing them or has their list of excuses/concerns grown? Assuming that at this point you haven’t managed to win them over, schedule another meeting for the next day. Emphasize that it is important for them to think it overnight and bring additional information to the meeting that you think will win them over.

5. Follow-up Appointment. During the appointment reiterate what you can do for them and how you are the best person to sell their house. In addition, do bring comparable information that will help them see and understand your pricing strategy for their home as well as more examples of your proven track record. You should be able to close and get the listing.

6. Know when to walk away. It is important to note, that at this point if you do not get the listing, do think to yourself, what type of client would this couple be and do you want to be working with them in the first place? Sometimes it seems difficult to walk away from a listing but your integrity and experience should guide you, and help you understand that difficult clients can negatively affect your reputation, family, and health, all of which are far more important than a listing.

Takeaway point: Don’t leave the listing presentation until you have fully understood and addressed the concerns or issues the client has. Dig until you find all of their concerns and fully explain why you are the best person for the job. Be honest with yourself and be prepared to walk away from a client that may in the end not worth your time.

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