How Realtors Build Loyalty with Social Media Marketing

13 November 2015

By Morris Real Estate Marketing Group

Social Media advice for realtorsMany people, including potential prospects and past clients, like to read real estate news and in fact they will look for this information on various websites, and social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

But are they finding you there? Or are they finding some other REALTOR®?

On these sites, you need great content to attract prospects, and motivate them to learn more about you. If your competitor is showing up in front of your audience with great content, but you are not, there is a chance your competitor will be chosen over you. If you want to build loyalty through social media marketing, you need the right tools to do so. Below are three items you should regularly use to build loyalty with social media marketing:

1. Website content

It’s a known fact that search engines love new content, but it’s hard to find enough content to continuously update your website. With The Referral Marketing System from Morris Real Estate Marketing Group, realtors are sent fresh content to post to their websites and share on their social media channels every month.

The content can be found in The Informed Home Buyer/Seller™, a professionally-written report that features advice on buying and selling real estate, as well as other tips of interest to home owners. Included in the report are two articles of high-interest to prospective clients, motivating, upbeat quotations, and eye-catching design.

2. Blog posts

Another type of content you should regularly share on social media is blog posts. Blogs are a great way to post informative, engaging content that your prospects will be eager to read.

These are also included in The Informed Home Buyer/Seller™ on a monthly basis. You can post the articles individually on your blog. The more prospects who follow your blog the more referrals and listings you will get.

3. Social media content 

Another challenge real estate agents typically have, is figuring out what type of posts to share on their social media channels. When prospects follow you on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites, they expect real estate content that is helpful and engaging. So how can you make sure your content is exactly that?

Through The Referral Marketing System, each month you receive a set of ready-made social media real estate postings – also known as updates or “Tweets” – that gain the attention of your prospects. Another bonus: the website links within the updates take prospects to your blog or website, where they can learn more about your services.

The social media content offered by The Referral Marketing System is so effective that Valerie McConville, a Referral Marketing System client, says “My leads have increased by 25% because of the social media content provided with this system. There is no better marketing platform available than The Referral Marketing System and if you aren’t using it, then you should be!”

Takeaway Point: Your social media presence should not only be active, it should also be helpful and engaging. The more valuable your updates are, the more likely your prospects are to share them with their own social media friends and connections. This will help expand your brand awareness, loyalty, leads, and sales.

Learn more about the social media marketing capabilities offered in The Referral Marketing System today.

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