The “Why” and “How” of Real Estate Geographic Farming

14 October 2020

By Darcia

Why does real estate geographic farming work so well for so many agents? And how can you get it working for you?

Let’s start with the first question…

Imagine you want to get your kitchen professionally renovated. It’s the center-piece of your home. You want to do it right. So, you contact two contractors.

The first contractor says, “Sure, I do kitchens. In fact, I do just about any home improvement project. Want a deck? I can do that for you. Some landscaping, too? I’ve got you covered!”

That contractor is a Jack-of-all-trades. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, he may do very good work and have the project portfolio to prove it.

But then you speak with a second contractor.

She says, “You called the right place. I specialize in kitchen renovations. I do several each year. I can help you create the kitchen of your dreams because I’ve done just that for numerous clients.”

Chances are, you’ll lean towards hiring that second contractor. Why? Because you’ll have a greater sense of trust in that person and you’ll have more certainty you’ll get the kitchen you want — simply because that’s what she specializes in.

And that’s one (of two) reasons real estate geographic farming can work so well. When you focus on a specific neighbourhood or area, you’re leveraging the almost instant trust-building power of specialization.

What’s the second reason geographic farming  — when done correctly — will generate more real estate leads for you?


Because you’re focusing on a defined area, you’re able to connect and build relationships with those homeowners, faster. In fact, if you farm in the right ways, you can quickly be seen by those residents as their go-to-agent.

When you’re positioned like that in a real estate geographic farm, residents who are planning to sell will call you, first. In fact, they may only call you!

That’s what makes geographic farming leads so valuable. Next to referrals, they have the highest likelihood of converting.

So, that answers the “Why” of real estate geographic farming. The next question is, how do you make it work for you?

The key is the two Cs: Communications and Consistency.

You need to communicate in a way that adds value and demonstrates that you’re the kind of agent they can like and trust. By far, the most effective and affordable way to do that is with a good direct mail real estate newsletter; ideally one that is eye-catching, features your picture and personal message, and is packed with helpful articles and local market updates.

You also need consistency, as this article in REM Magazine points out. To build your brand with residents, you need to ensure your geographic farming newsletter gets into their hands every month.

So, there you have it. The “Why” and “How” of real estate geographic farming. Now that you know it works… get it working for you!

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