The Enduring Magic of Real Estate Mail Marketing

12 August 2020

By Darcia

Many of us remember how exciting mail was when we were kids. The very sight of the postal worker arriving at the mailbox created an instant sense of anticipation. Maybe there’s a letter for me? Or, a package? Even kids’ TV shows often featured a mailman as one of the ensembles of popular characters.

The interesting thing is, that unique feeling we have for the mail doesn’t change much when we grow up. We have, at least in a small way, an endearing emotional connection to it.

And that’s just one of the reasons why real estate mail marketing is so effective.

From the prospective of your prospects and clients, real estate mail marketing is a different experience from any other real estate marketing tactic you may use.

Think about what happens when, say, a past client receives your real estate newsletter in the mail. First, they collect the mail from their mailbox. Then, they shuffle through the mail and spot your real estate newsletter. They see your picture and personal message and browse the report and articles. If the real estate newsletter is valuable to them, they’ll hang onto it; possibly even posting it on the fridge door.

While handling and reading your direct mail newsletter, your past client has become deeply involved in your message and news. In those moments, they’re thinking about you. Ideally, they’re positioning you in their minds as the kind of agent who delivers service and value — one worthy of repeat business and referrals.

The data bears this out.

According to studies by Canada Post, even young people like receiving mail. Indeed, 95% say they have a positive response to receiving letters and other mail. A third of those under 30 say they check their mailboxes every day. That number doubles for those over 30.

The U.S. Postal Service reports that more than 40% of people read or scan every piece of mail they get. And 73% say they like it when companies send them direct mail because they can read it whenever they want.

What does this mean for you as an agent who wants more real estate leads and referrals?

It means that if you’re not utilizing real estate mail marketing as part of your real estate marketing system, you’re losing opportunities. You’re likely getting fewer client referrals than you could be getting. You’re likely getting fewer geographic farming leads than you could be getting.

Why put up with that?

The good news is, it’s an easy fix. Simply start using a good marketing system that features real estate mail marketing. Give your prospects and clients something to look forward to each month in the mail! When you do, you’ll also be giving yourself something to look forward to… more real estate referrals and leads.

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