Why Real Estate Agents don’t get enough referrals?

1014Article4-BROKER“I contact my past clients all the time,” says a flustered Real Estate Agent. “I call them. I mail them letters. I stop by periodically to say “hello”. Yet, I never seem to get many referrals or repeat business. What am I doing wrong?”

Contacting clients “just to say hello” is often seen as a veiled attempt to sniff around for more business.  Without adding any additional value beyond a friendly smile, clients are left to assume that what you’re really after is another transaction or a referral.

It’s a natural assumption to make. After all, clients are contacted each week by professionals wanting to sell them something.

So how do you contact past clients without having them think you’re just looking for more business?

First, you need to have the right intentions. Your goal isn’t to ask for a referral or the client’s next listing. Your goal is to build loyalty. So have that intention clearly in mind when you call, mail, or visit.

Second, go beyond just saying “hello” and add real value to each contact you make with past clients.

How do you do that? There are numerous ways described in The Referral & Repeat Marketing Book. You can:

  • Invite them to a home improvement seminar.
  • Invite them to a movie night, picnic or some other client appreciation event.
  • Do an annual homeowner’s check-up.
  • Offer to answer questions about the current real estate market.
  • Invite them to a going away party you are hosting for another client in the area.
  • Point out some helpful articles in a previous edition of The Preferred Client Update.

And there are many more ideas you can consider, too.

The point is to add value with each contact you make. When you do, clients will think of you less as a salesperson and more as a knowledgeable professional who helps them. In other words, clients will become loyal to you.

Takeaway point: Don’t just say “hello”. Add value.


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