3 Steps to More Real Estate Referrals This Year

10 February 2022

By Darcia

real estate referral marketingAs you know, real estate referrals — and, in particular, real estate client referrals — are based on relationships of trust, and such relationships take time to build. After all, you’re unlikely to recommend a plumber if you haven’t gotten to know that professional yet.

That being said, if you start doing the right things today, you can expect to notice an uptick in real estate referrals in approximately six months, maybe less.

Do you want those high-converting real estate leads six months from now? 

Of course, you do!

So, let’s look at what you can do today to ensure you get those real estate client referrals later this year.

Step one is to reengage with your previous clients. When was the last time you contacted them? Go back several years. Make a list of clients who were happy with your services. Get those relationships back on track and make sure you update their information in your real estate CRM. Finally, commit to staying in touch with those clients regularly.

Relationships don’t build when you reach out merely once in a while. Consistency is key.

That’s where step two comes in. You need to stay in touch with your past clients in a way that builds loyalty, so when the opportunity arises to recommend you to a friend or neighbour, they will. (And don’t forget that the average homeowner gets that opportunity at least two to three times a year. That’s a lot of potential real estate client referrals.)

What’s the best way to stay in touch?

Real estate direct mail (in the form of a content-rich real estate newsletter) leads the pack as the most effective stay-in-touch method. Direct mail newsletters are inherently seen as high value to recipients. They know you’ve invested time, effort and expense to mail the content to them each month, so they appreciate it.

However, while a real estate newsletter is effective, you should also incorporate email marketing, calls, and personal visits into the mix, as well as an annual Client Appreciate Event (a fantastic real estate lead generator.)

If all this sounds like a lot of work, it can be. That’s why step three is so important. You need to get a real estate marketing system that is as automated and done-for-you as possible. Ideally, one that takes care of all the writing, design, printing, and mailing for you. (Our real estate marketing system for client referrals does all that and much more. Check it out here.)

So, here’s an important question to ask yourself…

Six months from now, do you want to be attracting more client referrals? If so, you now know what to do to make that happen. Take these three steps this week and get your real estate referral engine firing on all cylinders.

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