5 Strategies that Add to Your Geographic Farming Results

27 April 2022

By Darcia

By far, the most effective way to establish yourself in a real estate geographic farm is with a good real estate newsletter. When you mail residents a high-value geo farming newsletter each month, they gradually come to see you as the go-to agent.

And before you know it… you’re the top agent in that area!

But as effective as a geographic farming newsletter is, you’ll get even better results if you complement it with other contact strategies. Here are a few ideas that are proven to work well.

  1. Just Listed/Just Sold cards or eCards Whenever you have a new listing or Sold in the area, you should always send an announcement to everyone in the real estate geographic farm. The reason is obvious. When residents hear of your successes, they see you as an active and results-getting agent in the area. That increases the likelihood they’ll call you when they’re ready to sell.
  2. Talking to the neighbours When you get a new listing, be sure to visit the adjacent neighbours. Let them know that the property is now for sale and there will be buyers stopping by to view it. The neighbours will see your visit as courteous and professional, which sends the right message. Such a visit is also an excellent opportunity to meet and chat with those neighbours, some of whom might be planning to move within the next year or two.
  3. Door-knocking Occasionally, it’s worth the effort to walk the neighbourhood and knock on doors, introducing yourself. You don’t have to do that all at once. Try doing just a few houses a week. Door-knocking is a great opportunity to meet and chat with residents. Be sure to remind them of the great real estate newsletter you send them. (Check out these helpful tips on door-knocking.)
  4. Community Events Neighbourhood picnics, charity drives, and even Facebook group events are excellent opportunities to meet residents of your real estate geographic farm. Attending such events shows you’re dedicated to the community. If there are no events in the geographic farm, consider organizing your own.
  5. Watching for clues As you work your real estate geographic farm, pay attention to clues that a homeowner might be getting ready to sell. Look out for disposal bins in driveways, contractor vehicles, and other indications. Then visit that homeowner and offer to be of assistance. Avoid the instinct to hard-pitch them. Instead, remind them that you’ve been the one sending the real estate newsletter — (they might recognize you on the spot!) — and offer to answer questions or provide advice.

These simple communication strategies can add to the number of real estate leads you get from your real estate geographic farm. But never forget that the core of your marketing for the area should be your geographic farming system, which includes a monthly real estate newsletter.

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