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Idea Hotline

Fresh Real Estate Community Marketing Ideas for Your Business.

Community marketing (aka geographic farming) is the best way to build your database of qualified prospects in a specific area. The Community Marketing System is your key to doing just that.

But what if you have questions, or need some fresh ideas on how to keep your community marketing efforts working well for you?

Just Call our Idea Hotline during normal business hours and you will receive community marketing ideas to help your grow your real estate business. You’ll speak directly to an experienced community marketing expert: someone who cares about your success and who will give you honest, practical advice.

Learn more about our Community Marketing Idea Hotline features


Community Marketing Idea Hotline Features

We Have the Answers

Do you have questions about how to make the most out of The Community Marketing System, or how to grow your real estate business? Access our Idea Hotline and get answers to questions like:

  • “What is the best way to customize
    my ‘Community Market Report’ newsletter?
  • “What do I say when I visit people in the area for the first time?”
  • “How do I generate more referrals and listings from the contacts I’m building with community marketing?”
Real estate marketing advice
Get fresh referral and repeat marketing ideas today

We’ve Got the Community Marketing Ideas

If you are looking for fresh real estate community marketing ideas, ask our experts for tips and strategies on how to:

  • Make community marketing work well for you.

  • Become the go-to REALTOR® in your area.

  • Turn more prospects into listings.

And much more.

Idea Hotline. It’s the one-to-one advice you need to get the best results with community marketing.


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