Getting Started with Community Marketing

Become the #1 Real Estate Agent
in Your Community.

With The Community Marketing System you will become a community’s go-to REALTOR®. By following the guidelines outlined in The Community Marketing Book you can expect to receive on average 4.5 transactions each year.*

The Community Marketing System offers:

  • Territory exclusivity. No other REALTOR® will be able to use The Community Marketing System in your area.
  • Direct Mail Newsletter. Customizable newsletter packed with useful and interesting local information.
  • Idea Hotline. Private phone access to a real estate marketing expert.
  • The Community Marketing Book. Information and advice on establishing yourself as the go-to REALTOR® in a particular area.

*Expected Return for REALTORS®:

  • Number of Households: 1,000
  • Average Annual Turnover: 3%
  • Estimated Number of Listing Opportunities: 1,000 x 3% = 30
  • Estimate of Listings Won: 15%
  • Total Sales: 30 x 15% = 4.5

Community Marketing System features

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