The Community Marketing System

The Community Marketing System

Element of The Community Marketing System

Become Your Community’s Top Real Estate Agent

Let us help you become the #1 listing agent in your specific community or “geographic farm.” We will position you as your community’s go-to-REALTOR®.

For this to happen, you will need a community marketing system, also referred to as a geographic farming system, to communicate with the residents of your community on a regular basis. You will need to provide helpful news and information that is relevant to them, as well as encouragement to contact you when they have a question or need.

Our real estate marketing system enables you to stay top-of-mind with your community, and consistently add new names to your database of prospects. That is what leads to more listings.

It’s a lot of work, but you don’t have to do it.

The Community Marketing System does it for you.

If you are an established Realtor® or a newer Realtor® to the industry, and you’re trying to build and maintain a client base, The Community Marketing System is an excellent system.

Charlie Pace, Harbourside Realty Ltd.


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The Community Marketing System Features:


Direct Mail Newsletter

 Called the Community Market Report, this direct mail newsletter is packed with local market information and helpful articles that people in your community will be eager to read. We’ll even customize it for you with your own personal message, community news, listings, solds, ads, and other information.

Community Market Report

Marketing Idea Hotline

Idea Hotline

We’ll give you private phone access to a real estate community marketing expert anytime you need answers, advice or fresh ideas.


The Community Marketing Book

This is the definitive guide to getting the most out of community marketing. It will help you build your prospect database faster and, as a result, get more listings.

Community marketing book



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