Direct Mail, Email, or Social Media

Effective real estate marketing includes direct mail, email, and social media.

Which real estate agent marketing option works best?

To really increase your referrals through real estate marketing, you need to use all three. That’s because we live in a multimedia world and people respond to different forms of communications in different ways. So, to maximize referrals, you need to create a multi-sensory real estate marketing experience where prospects and clients are hearing from you through a variety of formats.

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Take direct mail, for example…

A well-designed, well-written real estate direct mail newsletter is your most valuable marketing piece. Yes, it’s more expensive than an email or social media tweet, but it makes the best impression on those who receive it.

A direct mail newsletter for REALTORS® – designed the right way and featuring valuable content — has high perceived value. Your contacts know they are on your “most important” list when they see it in their mailboxes.

direct mail newsletters

A direct mail newsletter for real estate agents:

  • Stands out and gets noticed because people don’t receive much personal mail anymore.
  • Is less intrusive than email. (you never have to prove it’s not spam.)
  • Is read in a less rushed, more relaxed atmosphere.
  • Has a tangible feel and quality. It just looks better.
  • Is more likely to be kept. It may even be posted on the family fridge door!

The only downside is the expense. Because direct mail involves printing and mailing, it costs more than email and social media.

That’s why you should only send a real estate direct mail newsletter to your very best contacts – those with the highest likelihood of giving you referrals.

And who are those “very best contacts”?

Mostly, your past clients.

According to studies, a past client gets asked to recommend a REALTOR® two or three times a year. Multiply that by the number of past clients you have and that’s a lot of potential referrals. So, clearly, you want to make the best impression on these people – and the way you do that is with your best real estate direct mail marketing piece: an eye-catching direct mail newsletter packed with valuable content.

Now let’s take a look at email…

While email has a low perceived value for real estate agent marketing, especially when compared to direct mail, it does have three important advantages.

The first is speed. With an email, you can send a message to contacts almost instantly, which is great for communicating new LISTINGS and SOLDS, market alerts, and other timely information.

The second is cost. Email is inexpensive, so you can send an e-Newsletter and other messages to lots of contacts without being concerned about the cost.

Email marketing for real estate for real estate agents

The third is reports. With the right real estate email system, you can see who opened your emails, which links they clicked, and other “analytics”. With this information, you can zero in on more opportunities.

But email also has a number of disadvantages.

  • Used incorrectly, email can easily be seen as spam.
  • If it isn’t formatted properly, your email will not display correctly on devices.
  • If the content isn’t of high value, your email will likely not be read or even opened.
  • People receive a lot of emails, so the competition for their inbox is fierce.

What’s the best way to use email?

Email is ideal for staying in touch with prospects because it’s quick and inexpensive. It’s also good for sending to all your contacts such timely messages as hot new listings, solds in the area, local market news, and more.

Our real estate email marketing tools provides you with everything needed to send out personalized e-Newsletters, target prospects and view details on who is opening and reading your emails.

What about social media…?

Social media marketing for real estate agents

Social media is still a new form of communication to some, but for many others it is considered a great way to connect with people and businesses.

You probably have contacts that are active on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. So, to maximize the number of referrals you get, it makes sense to get on these sites and have contacts “follow” you. That way, you stay top-of-mind.

And if you regularly “tweet” valuable content, your followers will share that content with their friends and followers, resulting in more leads and referrals for you.

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Let’s summarize…

You need to use real estate direct mail with your best contacts, such as past clients. Email with your prospects and other contacts. And social media to create followers of those contacts using social media.

Direct mail, email and social media, all working in tandem for real estate marketing. That’s the key to getting more and more referrals, month after month, year after year.

How do you do all that? The Referral Marketing System does it all for you.

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