3 Real Estate Agent Time Management Techniques

10 December 2018

By Darcia

What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.
Dwight D. Eisenhower


1. Task Management

Time management can be a huge issue for virtually every successful real estate agent. If you feel like you’re always busy but not always productive, you are not alone.

Many time management experts believe that multi-tasking is the culprit of low productivity. In fact, they say that it is impossible to multi-task, and instead, productivity happens when we focus our time and energy at a time. This is called the FOCUS technique.

The concept behind the FOCUS technique makes sense, but when you have what feels like a million tasks on your plate, how do you choose which one to tackle first?

To effectively prioritise your task list, experts suggest employing the Eisenhower Matrix.

eisenhower matrix

Watch this video for a full explanation of the Eisenhower Matrix:

2. Large Projects

When it comes to large projects such as a new listing, however, time management experts suggest employing the MOMENTUM technique.

The MOMENTUM technique suggests segmenting a project down into specific and small steps, and then setting time aside each day to complete them. The theory behind this is, if you break up and then work on tasks consistently as opposed to “whenever you can fit it in”, you will build a healthy momentum and avoid the stress of crunch times and looming deadlines. Think of Newton’s Law of Motion – objects in motion stay in motion, and inert objects remain inert. What this translates to, in the world of time management, is that it is easier to maintain momentum than it is to create momentum. If you’re constantly struggling to start a project, or pick up where you think left off some time ago, you are barely in motion, let alone in the process of building momentum.

Newton's law of motion


3. Day to Day Activity (Repetitive Tasks) Management

When it comes to those pesky, everyday, weekly or monthly tasks, such as relationship calls, paperwork, direct mail newsletters and more, it can be quite easy to put them off due to new client listings or urgent issues. To be truly successful at time management, a Realtor must take care of “maintenance” whilst working on large projects and important or urgent tasks. Here are a few techniques and tools to ensure you do just that.

Calendar and List Maintenance

Each morning, or the evening before, create a list of items that need to be accomplished. Each month, update your calendar with monthly and weekly responsibilities. This includes appointments, paperwork, lead generation, relationship building and all tasks that fit under your FOCUS and MOMENTUM items.

Use Your Real Estate CRM

What tasks in your calendar and on your to do list can be automated and/or streamlined? A sophisticated real estate CRM will help you manage and automate your marketing activities, relationship building goals, the buying/selling process and so much more. It will also help you accomplish more while on the go, as it will work on your tablet or smart phone.

Deal with Rejection and Disappointment

Disappointments happen. Financing falls through, a client you’ve been working with for years decides to give their newly licensed cousin a shot at selling her home, a prospect slips through your fingers. All real estate agents have faced setbacks at one point or another. The key is to deal with it in a healthy manner.

Experts agree that the most productive and healthy way to deal with setbacks is through action. Take a moment to deal with your emotions and then stick to your action plan. This will help you retain control and, obviously, feel more in control.

Utilize your Smartphone / Tablet

As a real estate agent, you are always on the go! Take advantage of everything your mobile device has to offer, from Google Maps or Wayz to apps like your CRM App, to calendar sync and voice recording capabilities. It is truly surprising how much time technology can free up when it’s utilized to its maximum abilities.

We hope you found these tips and techniques for Real Estate Agent Time Management Techniques helpful! Do you have any helpful tips and tricks that help manage your time more effectively? Let us know!

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