21 Real Estate Marketing Truths Every Rookie Agent Should Know

02 September 2020

By Darcia

If you’re a new real estate agent, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. This year especially! There are so many real estate marketing options, it’s tough to know which to pull the trigger on.

Well, here’s good news…

Real estate marketing for rookie agents doesn’t need to be filled with uncertainty. If you follow the simple truths listed here, you’ll stay on the right path to generating real estate leads and building your track record and income.

  1. Most prospects hire the agent they know, like and trust. So, a big part of real estate marketing for new agents is staying in regular contact with prospects.
  2. Geographic farming is, by far, the best way to get homeowners to find out about you and build those relationships.
  3. Keep your contact database and marketing organized by using a good real estate CRM. That way, opportunities won’t fall through the cracks.
  4. Monthly marketing always outperforms marketing done just once in a while, even if that occasional marketing is spectacular. Why? Because monthly marketing builds momentum.
  5. The more “referral worthy” you are, the more people are likely to recommend you. So, always be improving your referral-worthiness.
  6. A monthly geographic farming newsletter is the best way to grow your reputation and generate leads in a targeted area.
  7. Past clients are, on average, in a position to recommend you to friends and neighbours two or three times a year. That’s 10 to 15 potential referrals in five years.
  8. The better the experience a client has working with you, the more likely they are to recommend you to others. So, give every client a VIP experience!
  9. Once you’ve completed a transaction with a new client, you’re several times more likely to get future referrals if you stay in touch, regularly. (The best way to do that is with a good client newsletter.)
  10. The conversion rate for real estate leads generated online is, on average, less than %1. Most real estate conversions come from geographic farming, repeat business and referrals. Guess where you should be spending your time!
  11. Hosting a client appreciation or community event is a proven way to build loyalty with prospects and clients. It’s also an effective way to generate new real estate marketing leads.
  12. One of the most common complaints prospects and clients have is real estate agents not returning calls and emails within a reasonable period of time. You can stand out by being the exception.
  13. When sending a real estate newsletter to prospects and clients, make sure it’s packed with value: market updates, tips, how-to advice. You want your newsletter to be welcomed and a “keeper”.
  14. Always include your picture and a personal message in your newsletters. That helps to build the relationship and your brand.
  15. Despite this being the digital age, studies consistently show that direct mail works — even among millennials. So, be sure direct mail is part of your real estate marketing system.
  16. Avoid sporadic “hit or miss” marketing. Instead, have real estate marketing systems that are continuously running — ideally, on auto-pilot. Not only do such systems work better in generating real estate leads and referrals, once set up they’re a lot less work!
  17. On social media, focus on connecting and engaging with prospects and clients, rather than just promoting your services. When appropriate, include links back to your blog.
  18. Building your contact database is like investing in a high-interest savings account. Your returns, in terms of real estate leads and referrals, grow faster each year.
  19. A new agent who starts and works a geographic farm is more likely to have a successful first year than an agent who tries to be the agent for everyone.
  20. Don’t rely on just one marketing tactic. Use a real estate marketing system that’s comprehensive, utilizing direct mail newsletters and e-newsletters, along with your own calls and visits.
  21. Real estate marketing is about using the right systems to build positive relationships with prospects and clients. If you just remember that truth, you won’t go wrong!


During your first year as a real estate agent, you need to spend your limited marketing dollars wisely. So, make sure your marketing is aligned with these truths. If you do, you’ll stand a much better chance of having a successful, and profitable, first year.

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