HUGE News for Real Estate Professionals! IXACT Contact now Integrates with FiveStreet

Morris Real Estate Marketing Group is proud to announce that our industry leading real estate CRM, IXACT Contact now integrates with the popular lead aggregation software provider FiveStreet.

FiveStreet allows real estate agents and teams to manage all of their leads in one place. FiveStreet works with any online lead vendor that sends leads through email. They currently process leads from over 100 online vendors.

With a couple of simple steps, you can now link your FiveStreet account with your IXACT Contact CRM so that all leads that are captured by FiveStreet automatically flow into your IXACT Contact database.

This is a huge time saver for users of both FiveStreet and IXACT Contact as leads captured in FiveStreet no longer have to be manually re-entered in order to create contact records in IXACT Contact. And, users can take advantage of IXACT Contact’s ability to automatically assign new leads to a targeted drip email lead nurture plan.

This integration is yet another way we at Morris Real Estate Marketing Group are striving to make the lives of our customers as simple and successful as possible. We know that the more leads you generate, and the more quickly you capture and qualify those leads, the more business you will win. But a growing lead flow can also create a lot of extra work. Our FiveStreet integration makes it easy for agents and teams to reap the rewards of higher lead volumes without all the hassle and delay of manual data entry.

If you have any questions, please call 1.800.308.6134 or email us.

Real Estate CRM IXACT Contactlead aggregation software provider FiveStreet

Real Estate CRM IXACT Contact

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