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REALTORS® across North America are experiencing unprecedented results thanks to Morris Real Estate Marketing Group. Our customers are getting more referrals, closing more sales, and making more money than ever before with our real estate marketing systems. The best part is that we do all of the hard work, leaving them free to reap the benefits.

Read the following Morris Real Estate Marketing Group reviews and testimonials to learn what other real estate agents like you are saying about The Referral Marketing System.

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Real People… Real Results!


So Easy To Customize!

I enjoy using The Referral Marketing System because it generates more than 16 transactions per year. It also offers me the ability to customize both my direct mail and email messages for my clients by giving me the option to select House or Condo version, and by adding my client’s name.

Cindy Gering




Enjoy The Turnkey Direct Mail!

The Referral Marketing System has assisted me in getting 15-20 transactions per year. My clients enjoy the articles in The Preferred Client Update and I enjoy the simplicity of the turnkey mailing.

 Greg Wong




13 Referral Transactions In The First Year

I have only been using The Referral Marketing System for just over a year, and have already received 13 referral transactions from it. It’s a flexible and customizable system and I highly recommend it to other agents.

 Terry Kirkwood




A Dozen New Transactions Each Year!

I am very pleased with The Referral Marketing System. I have about 100 people on my direct mailing list and I get 11-15 transactions per year just by using this useful system.

Darin Germyn




We Highly Recommend It

We are a REALTOR® team and generate between $120,000-160,000 in annual income from the referrals we receive from The Referral Marketing System. This system offers great personalization and customization features and we would recommend it to other agents.

Frank Steinhausen & Cameron Giffin



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