Marianne Baird Anderson Testimonial

02 May 2013

By Morris Real Estate Marketing Group

“Thank you Morris Real Estate Marketing Group. I started farming Lynwood Village a number of years ago and did very well. Then I stopped for a few years during which time I moved out of the neighbourhood, got married and changed my name. When I came to Keller Williams 8 or 9 years ago I started up again and have been sending out my own flyers. I was only getting one or two listings a year, but for some reason I kept trying. I believe it was in October of 2012 (or thereabouts) that I decided to start up full force with Morris Real Estate Marketing Group. The results have been amazing. I had two listings in December that sold quite quickly. Since January I have had three listings, two of which have sold. From the newsletter that went out this week, I have already done two appraisals as well as another one coming up next week. Thank you very much for putting together such a great product.”

Marianne Baird Anderson

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