Jacqueline and Ron Routh – Testimonial

31 August 2015

By Morris Real Estate Marketing Group


Best Marketing Tool We Ever Used!

The Referral Marketing System is the best marketing tool we have ever used in our combined, over 60 years’ experience, as a Real Estate Broker and Salesperson.

The Referral Marketing System was a “No Brainer” decision and we have been extremely happy with it since the day we signed-up. It’s the best way to stay in-touch with our past clients. Our business for the past 2 decades has primarily been “Repeat and Referral” generated by the monthly direct mail piece. In fact, we have a large number of clients referred to us simply because a client has posted the monthly newsletter on the bulletin board at their place of work.

Our last sale was brought about by continuing to stay in touch with a client over the years, who appreciated and enjoyed receiving the monthly Morris Real Estate Marketing Group direct mail newsletter. We did an Opinion of Value with our clients and they agreed that the newsletter has been a source of valuable information for them.

We would recommend The Referral Marketing System to anyone.

Jacqueline and Ron Routh



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