Realtors is your car making a good impression?

22 January 2015

By Morris Real Estate Marketing Group

Real Estate Agents' car.Real Estate Agents, your car is an important part of your overall marketing kit. It is the first thing prospects see when you visit their homes for a listing presentation. It is what they ride in when you take them to view homes. It is what you park in their driveways during an open house.

So, Realtors is your car making a good impression?

Obviously, you want your car to look as clean and presentable as possible.

But that is not always easy. You spend hours in your car each day – driving, making phone calls, doing paperwork, even eating. Mess and clutter can build up quickly. And, in no time at all, you have a vehicle that does not look or smell very good.

How do you keep your car looking presentable?

Here are some tips:

  • Wash it regularly. Do so even during slushy or rainy seasons when a wash does not last as long. It is worth it.
  • Keep things organized. Make sure papers, files, and other materials are not spread out all over the seat. You do not want a prospect to think you are sloppy with paperwork.
  • Do not forget the trunk. Keep signs, tools, and other materials you store in your trunk as neat and organized as possible.
  • Avoid eating in it. Food can leave unpleasant odours and spills are common.

You do not want to go to a listing presentation with a mustard stain on your pants.

  • Keep a garbage bag handy. Used coffee cups and wrappers can build up quickly.
  • Make it non-smoking. If you smoke in your car, you may not notice the odor. But your non-smoking clients will.

Think about it. You would not show a client a brochure that is stained or smells musty.

So make sure your car is just as presentable.

Takeaway Point. Ask yourself: “Does my car leave a good first impression?” If not, make some changes.

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