Real Estate Marketing for Rookie Realtors: Advice from Your Future Self

14 April 2021

By Darcia

Imagine your “future self” just walked into your home office. After you get past the shock and quantum-existential concerns, you’re eager to hear what that person has to say.

What would your future self advise, you wonder, regarding your real estate marketing? What approaches will they recommend for generating real estate leads and getting more client referrals?

If your future self is five years ahead of your current rookie realtor status, here are nine suggestions your future self will likely offer you today — especially if this is your first year as a new real estate agent.

  1. Start building your network now Leads and referrals come from establishing and growing relationships. Sign up for a good real estate CRM and begin adding contacts to your database.
  2. Be wary of “buying” real estate leads online Chasing those opportunities can be a tough grind. According to research, less than 1% of online leads convert — even for top agents with teams.
  3. Do a great job with every client If you do, that person can become a steady source of real estate leads and repeat business. (The average homeowner knows two to three people each year who are moving.)
  4. Have an effective real estate marketing system in place for staying in touch with clients and other contacts and building those relationships Be the “referral worthy” agent they trust and call first.
  5. Understand that your agent website doesn’t generate leads all by itself. It’s not a magnet Instead, the purpose of your site is to convert leads. So make sure it’s set up to do that effectively. (For example, it should have lead-capture forms.)
  6. Leverage the power of real estate direct mail marketing It is, by far, the most effective tactic for reaching and engaging your database of contacts. Use an excellent real estate mailing service.
  7. Add value every time you reach out For example, make sure your real estate newsletter is packed with original, high-interest articles, tips and updates.
  8. Choose a “right fit” geographic farm Use a proven geographic farming newsletter and other strategies to become the go-to agent in that area. A geographic farm is a lead-generating asset that can pay off for you for years.
  9. There are a lot of real estate marketing companies out there Work with one who has decades of experience, proven systems, and sincerely cares about your success. They should be as interested in building your career as you are!

Chances are, that’s fairly close to what your future self would tell you. That’s because these real estate marketing tips are proven to create a solid foundation for you as a rookie Realtor.

It’s great advice from someone you trust, your future self. Take it!

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