Real Estate Agents: How to Calm the Nervous Seller

24 June 2020

By Darcia

There’s no shortage of talk about the “new reality” we’re in, and how, as real estate professionals, we need to pivot, adapt, and find new ways of serving clients.

No argument there.

The challenge, however, is that prospects and clients are understandably confused. They don’t know the new rules. In most cases, they’re unsure how the selling process is working these days, even regarding such basic activities as how a home is shown to a buyer.

Due to this confusion, many sellers are nervous. Many are even delaying selling until the dust settles, simply because they’re reluctant to venture into this new unknown. A recent article in confirms this.

So, when you get a new real estate lead, how do you calm that prospect so their fear and hesitancy doesn’t get in the way of a new listing?

One way is to explain the selling process, step by step, upfront. Ideally, during the initial meeting or listing presentation. Let them know they’re not alone in their confusion. Point out that many buyers and sellers are uncertain about how homes are sold during these times.

Typically, sellers want to know how they’re going to be able to deal and communicate with you, how a buyer will view their home, how their home will be marketed, how long properties like theirs are taking to sell, and, of course, price.

You need to do more than simply answer their questions. Be proactive and ensure they fully understand how the process works. Otherwise, their concerns — many, perhaps, unspoken — might cause them to second-guess their decision and postpone listing.

Trust is an important factor here. The more a real estate lead trusts you, the less concerned and hesitant they’ll be. That’s because they’ll feel that, with you, they’re in good hands.

It’s no wonder that, during these challenging times, the best real estate leads are from client referrals and geographic farming. With those types of real estate leads, trust is built-in. When a prospect like that reaches out to you, they’re already predisposed to wanting to work with you. Why? They already know and trust you because you’re seen in their community as the go-to agent. Or, you’ve been recommended to them by their friend or neighbour — a previous client of yours.

With leads like those, you won’t have to reassure nearly as much. And fewer, much fewer, will slip through your fingers.

In fact, if you’re not doing so already, now is an ideal time to cultivate more client referrals and leads from a geographic farm. Agents who get the most of their leads from these sources tend to ride out turbulent times much more successfully.

Here’s two takeaways to consider: One, take the time to explain the selling process to new prospects, so they’ll feel less worried and more confident. Two, get a good real estate marketing system for client referrals and geographic farming, so you build a more resilient business for your future.

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