Leverage the “Snowball Effect” for More Real Estate Agent Referrals

22 January 2019

By Phil Hollander

Referral Marketing Snowball EffectThere may not be snow where you are today. However, you can probably still picture how the snowball effect works. It’s an analogy, of course, that refers to a snowball rolling down a hill. It starts off small, but as it gains momentum and picks up more snow it becomes bigger and bigger.

In a way, marketing to generate more real estate agent referrals can be a lot like that. You may not see decent results in the first few months because the “snowball” is still small. But make no mistake about it, it’s growing. If you stay consistent in your efforts, the referrals will start coming in.

And the good news is, there’s no bottom to that hill! Year after year, the referrals will continue to grow.

That’s good to keep in mind because, in the busy life of an ambitious real estate agent, it’s all-too-easy to focus myopically on short-term results. We want more real estate leads this week. We want more referrals this month.

Of course, getting more clients and listings in the short-term is important. In fact, there are many strategies we’ve featured in this blog to do just that. For example, putting a lead-capture form on your website that automatically populates your real estate CRM. That will definitely get you more leads this month.

However, you also need to think long-term and put systems in place to build your real estate lead generation and referrals over time. After all, you’re going to be in business a year from now, aren’t you? Wouldn’t you want to do some simple things today so, at this time next year, you have significantly more referrals?

So, what do you need to do to create that snowball?

Rather than scramble to do several things all at once, the best approach is to use a proven real estate marketing system — one that is specifically designed to build your referral business. Using a combination of real estate direct mail (for your best past clients), email marketing, and social media marketing, complemented by your own client calls and visits, you’ll start seeing more referrals that grow in abundance yearly.

That’s a professional future worth looking forward to!

In fact, this is exactly the reason why top performers get most of their new business from referrals. They have a system.

So, think about your business a year or two from now. If you want a higher percentage of your new business coming from referrals, now is the time to get that referral generating snowball rolling!

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