Free Webinar: Take Control Of Your Business – Get Off The Lead Chasing Treadmill

29 September 2020

By Darcia

Free Real Estate Marketing HelpAre you wasting time chasing poor quality leads that go nowhere? Are you frustrated with the low ROI you’re getting from your time and money spent on digital and social media marketing? If so, you’re not alone, and we’re here to help. Please join us for a complimentary information session, Take Control Of Your Business – Get Off The Lead Chasing Treadmill. This 30-minute webinar, followed by a Q&A, is hosted by real estate marketing expert Phil Hollander, Vice President, Business & Professional Development at Morris Real Estate Marketing Group.

This complimentary webinar will cover:

  • The latest research as to what works and doesn’t work
    in terms of consistently creating high quality, low competition leads
  • Pervasive industry myths as to where and how the best
    and most lucrative leads are generated
  • Practical and proven lead generation strategies to create a more successful
    and prosperous real estate business
  • Q & A

This webinar on October 8th, 1pm is free but seating is limited and content is specific to the real estate industry. Reserve your spot now.

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