Fine Tune Your Way to More Real Estate Leads and Referrals

24 January 2019

By Darcia

If you’ve ever played golf then you know the value of fine tuning. Just a minor tweak in your swing can make a significant difference in accuracy and distance.

The same can be said about your marketing. Oftentimes, just a few minor improvements can bring in more real estate referrals and leads.

This is important to know because it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you need to make huge changes to get better results. And that can easily lead to procrastination. “I need to completely update my brand,” a real estate agent might say. “But I don’t have time now. I’ll do it later this year.”

If you have a few simple improvements you can make this month, however, there’s a greater chance you’ll implement them. Even if you’re busy.

So, with that in mind, here are some easy-to-do tweaks that can give your real estate lead generation and referrals a boost.

  • Get up-to-date on your calls or visits to past clients. The best practice is a call twice a year and a visit annually.
  • Add a lead-capture form to your agent website. (This is super easy. Here’s how…)
  • Go through your database of past clients. Is there anyone else that should be on your mailing list? Are you mailing these people monthly? (Real estate direct mail is a proven referral generator.)
  • Touch base with a new potential business-to-business referral course, such as a contractor, mortgage advisor or mover. Invite them for coffee or lunch. Start the process of building that relationship.
  • Review your geographic farm Are they up-to-date? Are you mailing those homeowners each month? (This helps ensure you’re progressively being seen as the go-to agent for that area.)
  • Are you using email marketing effectively? Are you keeping in touch with non-mailing contacts with an email update or e-newsletter? Are you using drip marketing campaigns?
  • Are there any quick improvements you can make to your listing presentations? By getting just a little better you can turn more I’ll-think-about-its into Let’s get started
  • Can you engage more often on social media? For example, by posting about your latest blog post a few more times?
  • Are you using a lead conversion system to stay-in-touch with, and convert, more prospects? Especially those long-term prospects who may take a few months before deciding to make a move.

Any of these simple improvements will boost results and, in some cases, generate more real estate leads and referrals right away. And none of these suggestions take that much time to implement, especially if you’re using a good real estate marketing system.

So, if you’re too busy to make big changes to your real estate marketing this month, make a few small ones. They might just add up to big results!

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