Choosing the Right Real Estate Marketing Software

11 December 2019

By Darcia

When it comes to growing your business, the right software can help you generate more leads, attract more real estate referrals, and manage day-to-day activities more efficiently — saving you time.

So, how do you choose the right real estate marketing software for your business? Here are some criteria to consider.

  • Is the software specific to real estate? You want the software to be tailored to your needs and goals as a real estate agent. So, avoid general-purpose software or apps.
  • Does it work in the cloud? That just means it works online, without you having to install or maintain anything.
  • Does it work on all your devices? Chances are, you manage your business with more than one device. (Laptop, phone, tablet, etc.) So you want to make sure your real estate marketing software works on these devices and that the data syncs regularly.
  • Does it include the basic real estate marketing tools you need? For example, contact management, listing management, calendar, tasks list, and more.
  • Does it include advanced real estate marketing features? For example, email marketing, automated lead capture from your agent website, business pipeline management, goal setting and tracking, automated reminders of follow-ups, “video email” creation, commission tracking, and more.
  • Is it easy to use? There’s no sense getting a software that would flummox a rocket scientist. Make sure it’s relatively simple to learn and use.
  • Is it all-in-one? The last thing you want is to juggle multiple software products or apps. Make sure most of the tools you need are in one package.
  • What do other agents say about it? This is one of the best indicators the software or app is right for you. Check out the testimonials.
  • What’s the reputation of the company? Many software products and apps are from obscure, difficult-to-reach companies. Sometimes, you can’t even find out where they’re located. When choosing real estate marketing software for your business, make sure the company is respected in the real estate industry, ideally has been around for years, and is easily reachable.

Select the right software the first time, and you’ll grow your business faster and with more certainty.

And, of course, real estate marketing software works best when it’s part of a comprehensive real estate marketing system that includes and automates the other tools you need, such as direct mail (to get more leads, lead conversions, and client referrals) and social media.


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