9 Ways to Use Testimonials In Your Real Estate Marketing

22 January 2020

By Darcia

Chances are, you’ve worked hard to earn client testimonials. You’ve gone out of your way to provide excellent service, and some clients have responded by saying positive things about you. Well done!

Now, you want to make sure those are integrated into your real estate marketing in a way that boosts real estate agent leads, lead conversions, and referrals.

Here are nine ideas for doing just that.

  1. Put testimonials on your real estate agent website Include them throughout your website, especially on your HOME, SERVICES and ABOUT pages. You want prospects to get that hit of credibility every page they visit.
  2. Include them in your listing presentations Your presentation materials should include a section for testimonials, so prospects can easily find them. But also weave them into other sections. It’s okay to repeat the same testimonial to two or more places!
  3. Point them out during meetings During your initial conversation with a prospect, be sure to point to relevant testimonials. An effective strategy is to highlight a testimonial of someone in their neighbourhood. They might know them.
  4. Ask the client if you can post their testimonial on social media When it comes to ideas for your real estate social media marketing testimonials are often popular, as is motivational quotes and highlights from your blog.
  5. Expand a testimonial into a client success story This is fairly easy to do. Interview the client on video, or via a Skype call. Get them talking about their experience working with you. Now you have a captivating client success story to use on your website and social media.
  6. Ask clients to post their testimonial on LinkedIn LinkedIn recommendations tend to be more trusted. So, when a client gives you a testimonial, ask if they would also recommend you on LinkedIn. (They can use the same text.)
  7. Put headlines on your testimonials Testimonials with headlines are twice as likely to get noticed and read.
  8. Highlight them in your real estate newsletter As you may know, direct mail is a great tool for getting more client referrals, and generating and converting more real estate leads. Testimonials make for excellent content. Be sure to use a real estate marketing system that includes a newsletter you can customize.
  9. Include them in follow-up emails to prospects Here’s a tactic rarely used by agents, yet very effective. When following up on leads, include a strong client testimonial in your email. That boosts the likelihood of getting a meeting.


According to a study by Nielson, a market research firm, 70% of people trust recommendations from others — even if they don’t know them. Client testimonials are that powerful. So, review these ideas and leverage testimonials wherever you can in your real estate marketing.


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