7 Ideas for Boosting Your Real Estate Marketing Skills

23 April 2020

By Darcia

It’s estimated that nearly half the population is spending much of their time close to home. Many are self-isolating. So, what are they doing with all that downtime? While some of binging on Netflix, others are using those extra hours more productivity — by learning new skills. In fact, how-to videos and online courses are booming.

As a real estate professional, you may still be busy helping clients and selling homes. Still, this is the ideal time to build your real estate marketing muscle. That doesn’t necessarily mean taking a course. Take a look at these suggestions for your “I should learn how to…” list.

  1. Learn new features in your real estate CRM. Depending on your CRM, it may have business-building tools you’ve yet to use. Now is the ideal time to dig in and learn how to take advantage of those features. (Don’t have a real estate CRM? Now is a great time to get one.)
  2. Get more familiar with newsletter customization. Are you using real estate newsletters to get more client referrals, geographic farming leads, and lead conversions? Chances are, there are numerous ways to customize the newsletter to make it even more effective. For example, you can write your own personal message, add community news, highlight client stories, and promote local businesses.
  3. Dive into a new real estate marketing system. Learning and implementing a new system for generating more leads and real estate referrals, or converting prospects into new clients, will definitely pay off for you. Especially when the COVID-19 outbreak passes. If you’ve been holding off, now is the perfect time to get started with a new business-building system.
  4. Practice new scripts. You may be a whiz at listing presentations, prospecting, and other techniques. But why not get even better? Studying proven real estate scripts is an effective way to boost your communication skills. You’ll find some good ones here, here, and here.
  5. Explore new email marketing campaigns. Automated drip email campaigns can significantly increase leads and conversions from FSBOs, renters, new home buyers, and other groups. Take this opportunity to learn how to implement them. (If your real estate marketing system doesn’t include drip email campaigns, click here.)
  6. Discover ways to improve your website. Chances are, there’s plenty you can do with your real estate agent website to generate more leads. You can learn how to freshen up the design, revise your marketing copy, blog more consistently (which also helps your social media marketing), and add a lead-capture form.
  7. Study a potential new real estate geographic farm. There’s never been a better time to investigate new neighbourhoods or areas you can target. The work you put into a new geographic farm today will pay off in the months to come. After these uncertain times settle into a more predictable marketplace, you could be well-established in a community as the go-to agent.

If there’s one positive thing the COVID-19 outbreak has given us in this industry, it’s time. Using that time to upgrade your skills and implement new real estate marketing strategies will make your business stronger when things get back to normal.

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