5 Simple Things You Can Do This Month to Build Relationships

01 April 2021

By Darcia

The most successful agents are primarily relationship-builders.

If you take a close look at their businesses, you’ll see they nurture past client relationships (for real estate referrals), grow relationships with homeowners in their geographic farms, and regularly connect with local businesses and professionals.

As a result, they enjoy a steady stream of referrals and “high probability” real estate leads.

How do they build these relationships? Often, it’s by doing just a few simple things, consistently. Take a look at these ideas for what you can do this month to build more and better relationships.

  1. Do a great job with every transaction Whether you’re helping a client sell, buy or both, the transaction is your moment to shine. So give every client your best and show them you are the kind of agent they’re glad they hired — the kind they’ll use again and recommend to others.
  2. Send out your real estate newsletter People are always on the lookout for good sources of news, insights, and information. Be that resource to your clients and geographic farm A direct mail real estate newsletter service is ideal for this because the value is built-in. Writing in The Likeable Expert Gazette, relationship marketing expert Michael Katz points out that, “The more consistently you publish your newsletter, the more people will notice it, read it and share it (and bring you business.)”
  3. Add value with every conversation When chatting with clients and prospects this month, avoid the temptation to focus on what you want, such as a new listing. Instead, focus on what your client or prospect wants. Think about helpful advice or information you can offer. That could be as simple as offering a contractor recommendation when you notice a prospect is planning a renovation.
  4. Get in touch with “forgotten” clients Go through your real estate CRM or other records. Are there past clients you haven’t connected with for a while? Even if it has been years since you’ve reached out, commit to doing so this month. Give them a call. Let them know you’ve been thinking about them and want to connect. Offer to send them your informative real estate newsletter.
  5. Send birthday or anniversary wishes Chances are, at least a few of your clients are going to have birthdays, moving anniversaries and other special days worth celebrating this month. Check your real estate CRM. Then, send a congratulatory email, or, better still, mail a greeting card.

As you can see, these activities won’t take you too much time. However, the return on your investment could be substantial. If you establish or improve just one relationship this month, that could result in numerous referrals and leads down the road — especially if you’re using a solid real estate marketing system for client referrals or geographic farming system.

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