Real Estate Agents: How to Double Your Motivation in Just a Day

20 August 2019

By Darcia

Would you like to feel more motivated? Just about everyone says yes to that question. After all, motivation is the fuel that helps us go after our dreams and goals. Without it, we’d be like a car with an empty gas tank, just sitting there.

Motivation is particularly important in our industry. As a real estate agent, you probably have many goals connected to making your real estate marketing work harder, getting more real estate agent referrals, generating more geographic farm leads and, of course, landing more listings and clients.

If there was a real estate agent motivation gas station somewhere, you’d probably fill up your tank. Daily!

But there isn’t one. So, how do you boost your motivation?

Here are some ideas worth trying:

  • Count your wins each day. At the end of the day, reflect on what you’ve done and note your accomplishments, however minor. According to business coach Dan Sullivan, this practice alone will significantly boost how motivated you feel each day.
  • Eat that frog. That’s advice from motivational speaker Brian Tracy. The idea here is to do, early in the day, what you’re NOT looking forward to doing. That way, the task is behind you and you’ll have a burst of energy for the rest of the day.
  • Focus on the next step. Feeling overwhelmed will slam the brakes on motivation. So, stay focused on your goals and on taking the next step. For example, if your goal is to start working a real estate geographic farm, here are 5 simple steps to choosing your geographic farm. Follow one at a time and you’ll be surprised at how quickly things will come together. The next step is to subscribe to a good geographic farming system.
  • Review your goals. Experts say you should go over your goals every week. Some say every day. The point is to review your goals regularly. The simple act of doing so is inherently motivating. If you have difficulty doing this, perhaps you have too many goals, not all of which are necessary to become a successful real estate agent. In that case, review your goals and cut out the ones that are weighing you down. Here’s an article to help: Selecting the Best Goals for Real Estate Agents.
  • Put setbacks into perspective. There are ups and downs in any business, especially real estate. For example, you might have an offer that falls through, disappointing a client. When that happens, focus on what you can learn from the experience. Yes, that may sound like a motivational cliché, but it works.
  • Use systems. This is the key to success as an agent. When you have the right real estate marketing systems in place for consistently generating leads and referrals, that makes you feel more confident in your future. And confidence breeds motivation.

So, if the needle on your motivation gas tank has been hovering near empty lately, it’s time to fill up the tank! Use one or more of these proven techniques, any of which can make a difference in just a day.


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