Real Estate Agent Motivation: 3 Quick Tips to Boost Your Productivity

14 January 2021

By Darcia

If you’re like most real estate professionals, you’ve had to learn new rules over the past year. You’ve had to work out how to meet effectively (and safely) with prospects and clients, how to market your services during the pandemic and generate real estate leads and referrals, how to conduct viewings in-person and via ZOOM — and so much more.

It’s been an adventure, to put it mildly! Unfortunately, riding so many new learning curves has probably also zapped your productivity.

Now we’re in a brand new year. How will you become more productive and accomplish more without working any harder than you are now?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Write down procedures

When you learn how to do something new, like doing a live property tour via ZOOM, write down the best practices. You can do that as a series of steps, a checklist, or simply a bullet list. Creating these mini-instructional manuals — often, just a page or two — helps you work faster. You don’t have to remember how you did something the last time. You have a document that “remembers” for you!

Be sure to have copies of your procedures on all your devices so that you can access them anywhere. If you have an assistant or support team, make sure they have copies, too.

When you learn how to do something faster or better, update the procedures.

  • Don’t do everything

There is a tendency amongst entrepreneurial and performance-driven professionals to want to do everything themselves. Yes, sometimes you need to take a DIY approach to some activities, especially if you’re a Rookie Realtor and your budget is tight.

However, doing everything on your own can seriously hamper productivity. For example, if you’re busy with paperwork and manual real estate marketing tasks for several hours each week, that takes time away from seeing prospects and cultivating real estate referrals.

Here’s a helpful exercise: List all the tasks that you typically do yourself each week. Then, look at each item and ask, “Am I the best person to be doing this? Is there someone else who can take this off my plate and probably do it better?”

  • Get a real estate marketing system

When you use a cohesive system designed to get a specific result, that is significantly more productive than taking a scattered approach to accomplishing something.

Say, for example, you use a great geographic farming system, one that keeps you in contact with residents monthly and consistently positions you as their go-to agent. Assuming much of the work of that system is done-for-you — (recommended with any real estate marketing system you choose) — you’re going to save a lot of time while generating more real estate leads.

Takeaway 1: Explore these and other strategies for becoming more productive this year. The more time you can spend on core activities like meeting prospects and selling homes, the more successful you’ll be.

Takeaway 2: Contact Morris Real Estate Marketing Group, North America’s leading provider of automated and customized real estate marketing programs, if you are ready to automate your real estate marketing with customized messaging.

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