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Real Estate Agents do you offer an annual check-up?

家 診断Real Estate Agents, offering an annual check-up to your best clients is a great way to build loyalty. It demonstrates that you’re committed to adding value between transactions. It is also a great reason to pick-up the phone and contact past clients while it can help you get up-to-date with them.

After all, they may be thinking of making a move, or know a friend or neighbour who is looking for a REALTOR®. A check-up is an ideal way to find out.

What’s an annual homeowner check-up?

Typically, it involves meeting with a past client to give them an update on the current market value of their home, and information on the local real estate market. Often clients will have questions such as:

  • If we were to sell our home today, how much would we get for it?
  • What homes are on the market now that might interest us?
  • We’re thinking of renovating the [fill in the blank]. How much would that add to the selling price of our home?
  • What are the trends? Is the local housing market going up or down?

An annual check-up in fact is not unusual. Other business professionals such as insurance agents, financial planners, and other “home professionals” do it all the time.

So should real estate agents.

And this month is, perhaps, the best time of year to start contacting your best clients and offering to stop by.

Home-owners are thinking about their properties right now – doing “spring cleaning”, making repairs, planning renovations and, in some cases, considering making a move.

Takeaway Point: An annual check-up takes a little time out of your week. But keep in mind that the investment you make in building loyalty today pays off in more Repeat business and Referrals for you in the future. So, strike while the iron’s hot!

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Real Estate Agents do you make Relationship Calls or Sales Calls?

1014Article1-BROKERReal Estate Agents, say you get two phone calls in quick succession. The first call is from your investment advisor who is trying to sell you on yet another financial product. The second call is from the contractor who installed your air conditioning system last year and is checking to see if everything is working properly.

Are you going to react to both these calls in the same way?

Probably not. You might treat the first caller as a pesky salesperson, and try to get off the phone as quickly as possible. During the second call, however, you’ll likely be much more receptive and be willing to chat for a few minutes.

Why? Because the first is a sales call, while the second is a relationship call. There’s a world of difference between the two.

As a Referral & Repeat Marketer, you want to build loyalty with your past clients and referral sources. So when you follow-up with them, you need to focus on building the relationship, not making a sale. If every time you speak to your clients you ask, “Do you plan to make a move soon?” they’re going to become resistant to speaking with you. That’s definitely not conducive to getting them to recommend you to their friends and colleagues!

Your calls should focus on what you can do for your client, not what your client can do for you. Here’s an example of what you might say: “Hi Sam. Just checking-in to see how you’re enjoying your home. It’s been three years now and I was thinking that you might be considering some renovations. If you need a contractor recommendation, give me a call. I may be able to help.”

Notice the difference? A client who hears you start a conversation that way is likely to think of you as a helpful expert, someone who cares about their needs.

Takeaway point: Real Estate Agents, when contacting past clients, focus on building a relationship, not on getting a new listing.

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Real Estate Agents to achieve your goals visualize the steps

0514Article1-BROKERReal Estate Agents, chances are you have come across dozens of books, seminars and training programs on how to set and achieve goals. So you have probably heard something like this:

You must visualize the experience of having achieved your goal. Imagine the good feelings associated with that achievement. Get excited. The more clearly you can “see” yourself crossing the finish line, the more likely you are to do so.

This is, perhaps, the most common advice given in the field of goal setting.

But is this true?

The answer might surprise you. It’s not.

In a study conducted at the University of California, a group of students were asked to spend a few moments each day visualizing themselves getting a high grade on an exam. A second group of students were asked to simply study as they usually would. The results were astonishing. The second group got the higher grades!

In another experiment  that took place in New York University, graduates were asked to record how many times they fantasised about getting their dream job after college. The results once again were astonishing, the students that frequently fantasised about getting their dream job received in fact fewer job offers, and ended up with significantly smaller salaries.

What happened?

In 59 Seconds: Think A Little, Change a Lot, author Richard Wiseman admits that researchers are not sure. But one thing is certain: “…fantasizing about your perfect world may make you feel better, but it is unlikely to help you transform your dreams into reality.”

So what does work?

Do not just visualize the goal. Instead, visualize the steps required to achieve the goal.

Realtors, say you want to set up 15 new referral sources this year. Do not just imagine the happy feelings associated with having those 15 names in your database.

Instead, visualize and act on the following:

• Write down your A List referral sources.
• Contact your A List at least once per month and offer them something of value. Do not simply call them up asking them for referrals, they will sooner or later stop answering your calls. A simple and efficient way to contact them is The Referral Marketing System, which offers valuable interesting content to your clients.
• Call two names on that list each week and have a genuine conversation with them.

The research says that if you imagine the good feelings associated along with taking the steps toward achieving a goal, you are much more likely to succeed.

Takeaway point: When you set-up a goal visualize doing the steps, not just achieving the goal.


Morris Real Estate Marketing Group offers The Referral Marketing System which includes: direct mail, email newsletters, website, and the best real estate CRM that will help you manage your entire real estate business.

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Real Estate Agents what is the most important activity in your workday?

1014Article5-BROKERThere is no doubt that real estate agents are very busy but there is one important activity that seems to get forgotten.

Is it promptly returning a client’s phone call?

Getting back to a listing agent with a revised offer?

Following up on a hot new lead or referral?

Of course, all these activities are important because they are directly related to building your business, income and future.

But there is another activity that some Real Estate Agents don’t take as seriously. That’s unfortunate because it is just as vital to building a solid business as all the others – perhaps even more.

That activity is updating your database.

Generating an ever-increasing flow of repeat business and referrals requires you to maintain complete and accurate contact records. Without that, you can’t do all the things you need to do in order to build loyalty amongst your past clients and referral sources.

Things change fast. People get married, get new jobs, and explore new interests – the list goes on and on. You probably learn of these changes every day in your normal routine of staying in touch.

But if you don’t record this new information, you can’t use it.

Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to keep your database up-to-date. All you have to do is commit to taking just five minutes each day – perhaps during lunch or between meetings – to put anything new you have learned about your past clients and referral sources into the system.

By keeping your database current, you’ll be able to communicate with your contacts more effectively and on a deeper level. As a result,they will be more likely to see you as their trusted professional; their “go to” Real Estate Agent. And when that happens, your referral and repeat business grows too.

Takeaway point: There are a lot of important things you do each day to build your business. Updating your database should be one of them.

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Real Estate Agents here are two ways to fuel your Business!

Overcoming Stress Beating Anxiety Jumping Over WordWe know that all work and no play does not create a success story. For real estate agents striking that important balance is vital for a long successful career and a healthy personal life. So how do you create that balance?

Agents, here are two things you can do to stay fresh and focused so you can fuel your business:

  1. Block time for you.  In a 24/7 world it’s easy to get caught up in all the to-do list tasks that keep your business hopping, your family on schedule, and the house in order.  But forgetting to put time aside just for you is a fast track for burn out.  Every week and ideally every day, take time to decompress, find motivation, relax, and unwind.

Here are some simple examples on how to relax everyday:

  • Take a walk around the block.
  • Schedule time for the gym.
  • Read a few chapters of a good book.
  • Take time to meditate.

Simply taking some time for yourself everyday is vital.  These simple blocks of time can do wonders for your spirit, health, wellness, and your business.  A rested and happy real estate agent is a more productive one.

  1. Surround yourself with happy and successful people.  There are two kinds of people in the world – those that lift you up and those that drag you down.  For real estate agents who are eager to maximize their success and create life balance, there’s really no room for those who are not adding to the positive aspects in your life.  Seek out like-minded professionals you admire and respect and who are earning at a level to which you aspire.  Model their behaviors and business acumen.  It is a powerful way to grow.

Moreover, in your personal and professional life, give yourself permission to let go of relationships with people who have a ‘toxic’ impact on your spirit and mindset.  They are doing you, your career, and your family more harm than good.

Takeaway Point: Now go out there, relax, refuel, and grow your business.

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