Make Your Goals Achievable By Getting Things Organized

11 December 2018

By Allan Goldstein

Goal Setting Real Estate AgentsHave you ever tried to put together a jigsaw puzzle?

When you first open the box, the task seems overwhelming. You have a pile of puzzle pieces before you with little idea where to start. It’s all too easy to feel that arranging those pieces into the picture on the box is way too daunting — and give up.

A similar thing can happen when setting goals, especially those that involve getting more real estate agent leads or real estate agent referrals. Writing down the goal is simple enough. But when you see all the things you need to do to reach that milestone, it can quickly seem like a messy blur — and you may become discouraged.

Discouragement isn’t good. Discouragement can rapidly eat away at your enthusiasm for your goal and, in fact, might cause you to abandon it altogether.

One way to ensure that doesn’t happen is to set your goal and then immediately get things organized to achieve it.

For example, every jigsaw puzzle enthusiast knows that the first thing you do is get all the edges together. Then, you find those pieces that have similar colours and patterns. This initial organization quickly makes the puzzle seem more do-able.

As someone with ambitious real estate agent goals, you need to do the same thing.

For example, say your goal is to re-engage with past clients and build those relationships, so you can get more referrals from that group. To get things organized, so you’re more enthused and motivated, you might:

By doing just those three things — which might take less than an hour — you’ll instantly gain more clarity. Your goal of working your list of past clients and generating more real estate referrals will seem much more achievable. That, in turn, fuels motivation. And, of course, motivation energizes you and keeps you going in the pursuit of your goal.

By the way, a good real estate marketing system is there to help you reach your real estate agent career dreams. Especially if your goal this year is to generate more real estate agent leads and referrals with more consistently. So, that might be the best place to start!

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