Life’s Too Short to Be a One-Person Show

20 July 2015

By Morris Real Estate Marketing Group

Coaching word cloud concept. Vector illustrationVery few, if any real estate agents, or successful people in general for that matter, found their way to the top all by themselves.  They knew that a key ingredient to success was to surround themselves with people they could learn from, who would become their mentors or coaches, and with whom they could network and discuss business. Ultimately success becomes much easier and much less stressful through teamwork and collaboration.

As Henry Ford famously said: If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”.

So, how can you go about becoming a successful real estate professional?

Start by getting a strong mentor.  Look around your office or in your market and find the real estate agents and brokers who lead by example, are quick to share their knowledge, and who have the kind of business acumen you’d like to learn.  Then, don’t be afraid to come right out and ask them to mentor you.  Not everyone will agree – but the agents with integrity, character, and true passion for this business will be honoured.  They’ll be able to show you what they’ve done right and let you pattern their skills, and they’ll also show you the mistakes they’ve made along the way, so you don’t waste time repeating and learning from the same actions.

Then, don’t forget to give back. As you learn, grow, and build your own business and success, and have now become a seasoned real estate professional be sure to reach out to newer agents who might benefit from having you as a mentor.  The connection between mentors and protégés is very powerful, as they both learn from, and teach each other, so don’t be afraid to show someone newer the ropes and help them become successful.

Take away Point: Ultimately success becomes much easier and much less stressful through mentorship, collaboration, and teamwork. Besides, life’s too short to be a one-person show.

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