How do you deal with an upset Client or Prospect?

11 May 2015

By Morris Real Estate Marketing Group

Realtors how-to deal with an upset client or prospectA new client thinks you are not doing enough to sell his home…

A prospect is irate because you have not returned a phone call fast enough…

A past client is offended because you have not been in touch for a while.

No matter how carefully you manage your prospect and client relationships, there are bound to be times when someone gets upset. It happens.

How do you deal with an upset Client or Prospect?

It is very important that you not allow yourself to get drawn in emotionally and become upset. Two angry people rarely accomplish much. Instead, use the following tips to resolve the situation:

  1. Allow the prospect or client to vent for a few moments without interruption. Think of his anger as a blown-up balloon. The more he vents, the more that balloon will deflate.
  2. Summarize their concerns. This demonstrates that you have been listening. Here is an example: “So, if I understand you correctly, you left two voice mail messages for me and also sent an email. Yet, no one from my office got back to you. Is that right?”
  3. If you are in the wrong, apologize. “I did send an email, but that message obviously did not get to you. And I should have tried to get hold of you by phone as well, but did not. I am very sorry about that.”
  4. Suggest a next step. “The next time you need to get hold of me, leave a voice mail and I will make it a priority to return your call within one business day.”
  5. Change the subject. Once you have dealt with the issue, do not prolong the discussion. Move on to new business, such as discussing upcoming viewings.

An upset client or prospect is not an easy situation to deal with. But if you follow these simple strategies, you stand a good chance of getting the relationship back on solid ground.

Takeaway point: Do not allow an upset client or prospect to turn into a nasty confrontation. Always remain calm and professional.

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