How do you deal with an online complaint?

02 July 2015

By Morris Real Estate Marketing Group

Keep calm.As a real estate top performer with a great reputation, you may never run into a complaint or a bad online review. But if you do, you’ll likely discover that dealing with someone who complains about you on the Internet can be stressful and frustrating.

How do you deal with an online complaint?

1. Deal with it in a timely fashion. Don’t wait until too much time has passed as it shows that you don’t care.

2. Stay calm and prepare yourself mentally. Do not respond when you are upset as you are more than likely to say and or do the wrong thing. Calm down first, and prepare yourself mentally to deal with the complaint and person.

3. Call or email the person directly and hear them out. The best way is to contact the person directly and let him know you’re willing to listen to the complaint and, if appropriate, make amends. Often, an angry prospect or client just wants to vent. If there is something you can do to “make things right” be sure to make that offer.

4. Apologize. Often people will appreciate a sincere apology and the issue can be easily and quickly resolved just by saying ‘I am sorry about … I will ensure this doesn’t happen again by doing this …’

5. Request that the complaint is deleted. Once that part of the conversation is done, and you have apologized, politely ask the person to delete the online complaint. More often than not, the complainant will be satisfied with the resolution and will be willing to oblige.

6. Thank You Note. If the person deletes the complaint, thank them on the phone and follow-up with a thank you email as well.

7. Person will not budge. What if he won’t delete the complaint? Most websites allow you to post a reply to the complaint. In your response, avoid being combative. Simply correct the record and tell your side of the story and offer a way to make amends. This way all the other visitors to the site will see that you are interested in resolving the situation and take feedback in a positive fashion.

 Take away Point: Deal with an online complaint in a timely fashion, ensure that you hear the person out, apologize, and ask them to delete the complaint. Overall respond in a professional way and always offer a way to resolve the issue.

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