4 Field-Tested Time Management Tips for Real Estate Agents

11 July 2018

By Darcia

break bad, build good habitsThere’s no doubt about it. As a real estate agent, the more you get done each day, the more likely you are to reach your success goals. For example, if you’re able to manage your time just a little bit better this week, you’ll be able to see more prospects, connect with more buyers and, quite possibly, close an extra deal.

That’s definitely going boost your income!

With that in mind, here are some tried-and-true time management tips especially for real estate agents.

1. Maintain a task list and calendar.

This has been a time management basic for decades. Each morning, write down what you need to do and when you plan to do it. In practical terms, that means maintaining a task list (aka to-do list) and calendar. Old-fashioned, yes, but it works.

Appointments, of course, go on the calendar, but time management experts recommend you also block off time for major tasks. For example, if you have a pile of paperwork to do, you can schedule that activity on your calendar (ex. “3:15pm-4:15pm”). That way, you’re not scrambling to fit the task in here and there throughout the day.

2. Use an effective Real Estate CRM.

Best Real Estate CRMYou can easily double your productivity with an effective CRM system. A good one will not only make it easier to manage your tasks and appointments, but will also streamline contact management, the buying and selling process, marketing activities and more.

Your choice of real estate CRM is important. Writing about time management in The Balance, real estate agent and author James Kimmons points out that, “The best these days are online and available on any of your devices, whether computer,
tablet or smartphone.”

3. React to disappointments in a healthy way.

Real Estate Time ManagementA “sure thing” prospect goes with another agent… a deal falls through… a client calls and is angry… Every real estate agent has a bad day once in a while. When that happens, it’s natural to want to brood about it over a long lunch or even go home early.

But that will kill your productivity and may even make you feel worse.

Experts say the best antidote to disappointment is action. That means sticking to your plan for the day and working through your tasks and appointments. Doing so makes you feel more in control — which, in fact, you are.

4. Leverage your mobile device.

Got an appointment across town? Google Map it so you know how long the drive will be in current traffic. Need to make some quick notes about a property? Use a speech recognition app that turns your spoken notes into text.

Your mobile device is like a toolbox filled with ways to manage your time better and get more things done, more easily. Always be on the lookout for apps that can help your business.

So there you have it. Four proven time management tips for real estate agents. Now ask yourself, “Which one will I implement this week?”

If you work from a home office, read this article for additional tips: 7 Ways to Stay Productive in your Real Estate Home Office.


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