4 Benefits of The Referral Marketing System

14 October 2015

By Morris Real Estate Marketing Group


You a real estate agent evaluating your marketing options and wonder to yourself, ‘Why should I sign-up for The Referral Marketing System versus all the options offered in this crowded marketplace?’

To help you with your decision making process, we have compiled a two part blog series outlining the 8 benefits of The Referral Marketing System. Here is Part One outlining 4 benefits of The Referral Marketing System:

1. It’s a system that will maximize your productivity and positively contribute to your bottom line.

If you look at what successful real estate agents have in common you will notice it all comes down to one thing: they have a systems based approach to their business. A systems based approach to your real estate business will reduce the time you need to spend on any given task and free up your time to work on larger more complex projects.

For instance, by employing a real estate specific CRM, such as IXACT Contact, offered by The Referral Marketing System, every time you have a new prospect you can easily in one step upload their contact information and automatically set-up the direct mail, e-newsletter communication you want them to receive, in addition to setting up reminders for yourself to call them every 6 months, and send them a happy birthday, anniversary, and any other messages you deem as important and relevant.

This entire process is easy, quick, and will be done automatically, without you having to think about it ever again.

This is how easy it is to automate your real estate business, thus maximizing your productivity and success.

2. Cost effective Marketing.

One of the biggest mistakes real estate agents make is to think that they can’t afford to invest in their own business and market themselves. In fact, it’s a catch 22, don’t market yourself and you will never make enough to spend on marketing.

Start small, with The Referral Marketing System you invest in your business and on a monthly basis it will cost you less than what you spend on your coffee habit. In fact, make your coffee at home and invest in your business and yourself today. Your success depends on it, and your business will create many more rewards than a cup of overpriced coffee.

3. Includes a free Idea Hotline.

Many real estate agents don’t realize that The Referral Marketing System gives them access to a free Idea Hotline. When you become a member of The Referral Marketing System, you gain access to over 30 years of real estate experience for free, simply by calling our Idea Hotline. You have a question, are stuck with a listing, need more ideas? Contact us today, we can help.

4. You get a free book.

You studied hard through real estate school, and any other schooling you have done prior to that, and you may feel that the last thing you wan to do is pick-up a book and read. And yet this, this one of the best things you can do to further your real estate career and business.

Here is why you should start by reading The Referral and Repeat Marketing Book for Realtors today:

  1. It’s free. That’s right, when you sign-up for The Referral Marketing System, The Referral and Repeat Marketing Book for Realtors, valued at just under $30 is given to you for free.
  2. It’s an Idea Generator. It will help you generate new ideas for your real estate business.
  3. It’s easy to read. The book was written for the busy realtor in mind, so you will be able to read it quickly, and easily.

If you are still not convinced to try out The Referral Marketing System, here is what a real estate agent, Walter Boni, using the system had to say about it:

“The Referral Marketing System has generated for me more than 16 transactions per year for the past 10 years that I have been using it. The articles and content are great, while the system is easy to use, flexible, and offers me lots of room to customize. I would highly recommend this system!”

Takeaway Point: The Referral Marketing System is a great investment in your real estate business.

Contact us today to get started, and get the first month free.


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