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Darcia Armstrong is a marketing communications and digital marketing professional with an entrepreneurial spirit and a head for real estate. She is proud to fill the role of Sr. Marketing Manager at Morris Real Estate Marketing Group, North America's #1 provider of Real Estate Marketing Success Systems and automated, customizable direct mail newsletters for real estate.

How to Connect with Your Geographic Farm on a Regular Basis

Top real estate agents don’t tend to sit at their desk waiting for the phone to ring. Instead, you’ll likely find them seeking out new and interesting ways to interact with the members of their community. This habit not only

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5 Summer Ideas for Networking with Your Geographic Farm

As a real estate agent, the summer season provides ample opportunity to get quality “face time” with your community. Warm weather entices residents to venture outside of their homes and helps put everyone in sociable moods. So, what can you

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Add $14k to Your Home’s Selling Price with Specific Paint Colours

I’m sure every real estate agent has been in the position of asking homeowners to “spruce up” their property before putting it on the market. I’m equally sure that every real estate agent has received pushback on this suggestion at

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7 Ways to Stay Productive in Your Real Estate Home Office

Most real estate agents who work from home quickly realize that it can be a double-edged sword. After all, working from a home office has many advantages – flexibility of hours, family focus, comfy clothes, a stocked fridge and zero

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Selling Renter Occupied Property: How to Reduce Stress, Declutter and Maximize ROI

There’s no doubt that selling renter occupied property can be a nightmare – for the sellers AND the renters, not to mention the real estate agent. After all, consider the renter’s perspective. First, finding another place to live can be

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